Tuesday, December 06, 2005

No graduation jitters and I think I like weapons! Did okay in class today. Showed Ma'am my form and one-steps for graduation, and it's tomorrow. I think if I just ignore Laura tomorrow and not do it at the same time, and just concentrate one how I do things, I'll be fine. Ma'am's only suggestions were that I need to do a few hand movements in conjuction with the feet, not as separate motions from the feet, and also not to look back at the double knifehand strike. Easy fixes if I take my time. So we got to work more on weapons today. Left hand is harder, being that I'm righthanded, but I can do it. Ma'am said she really didn't get proficient with her left hand until she had to do double numchuck routines, so that's encouraging. She showed me the "lasso" move today, which is where you cross in front, then swing around in back, catch in back, swing it around your neck to catch in your original hand, then down and up to reset. It's pretty cool looking, and I felt I was getting the right hand down fairly well, but the left hand wasn't coming quite as easily, but it was coming. So now I have THREE weapons moves. I have to practice them, however. But I like them! I like this a lot better than sparring. I also am still working on that board break with my foot. Still hopping, and not chambering enough. It took a while, but it was coming. I'm gonna keep working on it until I get it. It's just hard. I always put this jump in, or can't coordinate the movements in such a way that it flows properly, but I think I was getting closer today. Gotta lock my ankle more too on the kicks, that'll help.

Yellow belt, here I come! Ma'am told me that my next form is actually the easiest one that I will have done so far, but that will allow me to work more on weapons and sparring and board breaks. And she will pick on me more on technique to not make mistakes as much, as the form is so easy (I've been doing the beginner cycle out of order, and now doing the easiest one last), so she'll be working more on the details. It should be interesting. Then getting to camo belt after next cycle, I'll be on the intermediate track! Woo hoo!

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