Thursday, February 23, 2006

OK, so I'm confused. Things have not been going well at home, so I was looking forward to going to class to try to perhaps rejuvenate a little. It's the first week of a new form, so I was looking forward to learning the new form. My buddy Laura was there for a change. She's been gone for a little while, so it was good to see her. Ms. Plummer was teaching us, and she seemed a little out of it, but seemed to manage. She introduced a form to us tonight, that was the same for the brown and red belts in the group as well as the camo (me) and the green (Laura). It doesn't seem too bad so far, it's a matter of getting the timing down. I should've gotten the DVD when I graduated last, but I forgot. But at least I have my cheat sheet book. So anyway, we get through the form, learn some Bahng-mah-ee stuff/exercises, do board breaks (still having trouble with the elbow break) and sparring (that knocked the wind out of me, and I still need to learn how to protect myself although I think I've improved on the offense side of things. It was not particularly an eventful evening. However, when I got home, I discovered that we did not learn the green belt form, as I had expected (I REALLY should be doing camo belt, but everything I've done so far has been out of order, but I thought I figured out the pattern), but rather we were working on the purple belt form. What the heck was that about? That totally didn't make sense that people ranking from red down to camo belt were learning purple. No sense whatsoever. Oh well. I won't question it for now. I'll just study and do my best. I already miss my Tuesday class where I got more attention individually, and Ma'am taught herself. Oh, and then to confuse things, someone else mentioned tournaments, and I know the one on 3/11 is coming up, and I said to her, I know I'm not ready for the 11th, but there's another in April-- would I be ready for that? She said yes, and that I could still do the 11th and do my last form, but I'd have to spar. I had misunderstood her when she said I'd have to do camo belt. She only meant that since I would be ranking as a camo belt, I'd have to spar instead of doing one steps. NOW she tells me. Well, I'm not sure now. It's only 2 weeks away, and I'd have to clarify if I was doing that white belt form I did or something else like the yellow belt form, which I haven't done in a while. I'm thinking now that I'll skip it, and do the next interschool tournament and the next regional in April instead. I think that would be better. I wish I had understood that! Oh well. I don't need anymore confusion in my life, thank you.

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