Saturday, March 25, 2006

The bumps and bruises had better be worth it. I have a big internal bruise on the inside part of my left palm heel, and a scrape/bruise on my left forearm, and I'm still recovering from that bad hit/bruise that's on the outside of my right wrist. This is definitely not a sport for the weak of heart!

Today I arrived at class, and Nancy came over and told me that she heard that I signed up, and congratulated me. I guess the word is starting to spread around, as Victoria, (aka Miss Plummer) asked between myself and the dweeb sisters who was now in leadership, and the dweeb sisters didn't know who she was talking about, and I said I was, and the dweeb sisters were stunned. So I followed Ms. Plummer to help assist a young girl with the noodle sparring, as it was her first day. The girl did fine, considering it was her first day. During class, Ma'am started out with a whole bunch of drills. Then we had to do Songhham #2 form, then we did In Wha #1 (the latter of which is my current form) as a whole class. Those of us on "team Color Belt" worked on the form, and were still getting confused on directions. Eventually, Ma'am helped us straighten out which direction we were going in, which helped a lot, although I'm still feeling a little messed up. We didn't work on weapons today, which was fine, as I need more help with form today. It was reassuring that Ma'am said that said that this was not a hard form in execution, but a hard form in trying to remember the details of it. I did better in board breaking today, as I was doing a lot of twisting to warm up before going to break the board. I've discovered that I do need to think about it just a little bit, unlike Ma'am telling me not to. But just a little. ;-) Sparring, as usual, was brutal. The bruises above were the result. I sparred a young boy tween, and that went fine. But then I was up against a gal-- not sure if she was in her early twenties or late teens-- who was a black belt recommended, and man, I thought she wouldn't be too brutal, but she was the toughest. Good thing that I had heargear on, 'cause she kicked me in the head! OW! I think the worst of my injuries came from her. Lastly, I fought one of the dweeb sisters, and that was a little easier to deal with, although this was the tougher of the two. I got through, but I have one more week or so to really master this form. I wanna kick butt (figuratively, in this case) during graduation. I'm secretly hoping that when Ma'am gives me my green belt, it'll be a Leadership belt, and that she presents me with my Leadership jacket at the same time. That would be sweet.

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Cheryl said...

You are in the big time now...enjoy it...