Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A sweat free workout can be okay

Today was Drew's last class until the fall. He was happy. He didn't get in trouble today, and even got another paper star for good behavior, so that was good. He'll still be going to the school picnic on Saturday, Movie Night in a week, and the regional tournament in July, so that'll be fine. Even talking to Ma'am later, she was cool with it, and said sometimes kids just need a break, and he was probably ready for one. After class, knowing it was his last class for a while, Mr. A tried to shake his hand and offered to turn him upside down, but Drew decided that he was going to be Mr. Shy and hid behind me and didn't want to do it. I think he just wanted out. Times like this I wish he was better, but Mr. A understands that sometimes Drew is not always up to par with his social development (despite the best efforts of his mother!). I will say that while Drew was in class, I did get a Quickbooks lesson from Jodi on doing financial transactions, so that helped. So I have two basics down-- signing kids in, and doing sales for testing payments, merchandise, etc.

I got to my own class a little early tonight to go over my personal financial stuff with Ma'am and explained what happened to the card last week. She seemed to be in a better mood than the last time, and I was telling her that I think once school is out, if she doesn't object to me bringing Drew with me, I can do a few hours in the afternoons in Pennington or wherever. And once school started, then I could put more hours in. I think she was happy to hear that. We'll work something out, at least.

I did mention to Ma'am that I thought I'd be dying my heavyweight uniform with the current heat (it's really hot these days, and the AC doesn't seem to be kicking in much inside to make the room at least a normal, bearable room temp when not working out), and she assured me that we wouldn't be working out much tonight. Well, sure enough we didn't. In fact, the only thing that we worked out was our minds a bit. She had just gotten back from a big tournament meeting with higher ups, and it was decided that all the different regions are going to start standardizing more in how they run their regional tournaments, which is a good thing. I understood most of the conversation, since I had attended at least that one. In some ways, I didn't know the difference, as some of the changes that are being proposed are what I've experienced anyway. But some of them I'm not so sure about. And same with other more experienced people, so it was a night of learning more about tournaments, tournament and judging (I'm not qualified to become a judge---yet. Ma'am said it won't be long before I'll be testing/certifying for that!). So, if nothing else, it was a mental workout. Not too stressful, but I was learning a lot more about how tournaments work from the back end of things, and that will be important for the regional tournament we'll be hosting in July, which was the whole idea. Ma'am is going to try to do a certification seminar as needed for it. I can't certify as I'm too far down the food chain-- for now-- to certify, but I can at least get the information down, so that when I am qualified to do it, it'll be easier for me. It's just a matter of the timing for the time of the seminar, depending on what's going on at that time. So, I might not have broken a sweat, but I got a chance to learn something new, and isn't mental learning just as important as the physical learning?

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John Vesia said...

I wonder if all organizations require certification to judge in tournaments. In AAU karate tournaments, judges are watched carefully. If they're determined to be incompetent, they're removed from judging. Also, as I'm sure you know, mental learning can be just as challenging as breaking a sweat.