Saturday, June 24, 2006

Late night thoughts

A few minutes ago, I finished watching the webcast of the opening ceremonies of the 2006 ATA World Championship. It's really late at night for me to give my full review, so I will save that for tomorrow, but I will say that they really know how to put on a show, and there is a little bit of overkill of pomp and theatrics. But hey, why not? There were several dignitaries that were pointed out very early in the ceremony being the most high ranking masters of the organization. I can say that I've personally talked with CM I. H. Lee, Senior Master DiLegge, and a few others who were being promoted to either Master or Senior Master level. Most of that was at that Leadership workout that I went to a couple months ago. Cripes! I cried in front of some Senior Masters! How embarassing for me! I mean, I knew being a Master or SM was high up there, but I don't think I understood 100% (maybe 80%) of the importance of their placement in the ATA hierarchy. Crap, crap, crap! Hopefully, if they actually remember me in future meetings, they won't look down on me. It's unlikely they would, but you know... Ma'am instructor, Mrs. C, is officially Master C now, as is another NJ instructor Master McInnerney.

It was also a little encouraging to see that even the Masters and Senior Masters don't always break their boards either and have to have a couple tries at it too at their testing (yes, they have to be tested in front of a very large public audience-- the opening ceremonies!). There were some good messages in the whole presentation, but more on that tomorrow.

I'll also have to write about the connection between TKD and knitting, as I think there is definitely a connection there, considering that I do both and tonight I was knitting while watching the whole thing. Love the WWW.

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John Vesia said...

Maybe pomp and theatrics isn't so bad. There's a reason TKD is the most popular martial art in the world.

Yes, master instructors are human; they're not perfect. But I would imagine being tested in a large public venue like that is very unnerving, even for a high ranking practitioner.