Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One step forward, and practically done

Well, that title is a little misleading, but it's not too far from the truth. In leadership class tonight, again, there were very few people, probably due to a bunch of them being at the World Championship right now, and end of school/beginning of summer. It was quiet, but that was fine. When Mr. A teaches leadership, he just reviews the Tiny Tiger forms and one steps, then does the full form of the current one for the color belts. Of course, being a color belt, I'll just go along with directions for now, as I only have maybe the first 10 of 44 steps. Bleeh. I wish I was a little farther along in my form, as I want to have it down early so that I can work on the refinements for tournament. Alex V. was my teacher/cohort in crime for tonight as usual. It wasn't too bad. He'd already taught me half of what I was supposed to learn this week anyway, so to learn the rest of it was pretty easy. I asked Mr. A, while looking at my curriculum book, how many steps were in the next section so perhaps I could get a head start on them. I have the DVD to refer to as well, so that will help. So, he showed me which of the next ones were the next section, so hopefully it will help. Right now, the whole thing isn't hard, but rather it's confusing. Did the sequences for the last forms seem harder? I don't know, I can't say in hindsight. I was reminded that I could do an old form for tournament, but since graduation should be shortly after tournament, I'm thinking that it'd be better just to concentrate on one form at a time, thus stick to this new brown belt form (I'm two belts lower than that.) When we went to do weapons, I found out that I already know 90% of the creative form, so it was just 4 more easy moves (one of which I had done automatically with the bahng-mah-ee already last cycle we were doing this weapon), so it's just getting used to adding the other 3 moves. Piece of cake. Hence, while I'll be struggling with the form, weapons will be a breeze for now. I could stand to have a break with something! Board breaking wasn't too bad tonight either. It was foot week, so instead of doing the front kick which I could probably do with my eyes closed, I decided that I should go back to the dreaded side kick that I've been working on for SOOOO long. The good news is that after a few practices, I broke it on the 2nd kick, which I think is the fastest I've done it. I just have to remember that I don't have to be fast on the setup, only in the kick itself, and make sure I get that little bit of twist from chambering and setting up correctly. So I'm pleased with that. I think I'm getting the hang of it. I think I was reading tonight that I have to do my first break for testing to get to the next belt, if I read correctly and it's probably going to be a hand break, most likely either a palm heel or elbow. I haven't done elbow for a while, so I'll have to work on that a bit too. While I'll be in class tomorrow, I'm planning on being in the new classes on Saturday to perfect different aspects of the things we do. I need help on almost all of it. Weapons, as least this cycle, is pretty easy, since I feel I'm getting a good feel for the bahng-mah-ee for doing it so long. I was hoping Ma'am would say that I'm ready for doubles, but she hasn't been around to say so, so I just go with whatever Mr. A has been putting out for me to do. That's fine. Sparring, ah, dreaded sparring. Mr. A was my first partner, and giving me some good pointers. For example, something that I have to work on is not using my right hand predominantly to block hits and punches and kicks, especially kicks. He called it the "Windshield Wiper effect", and I have to remember to use both hands. So I took note of that. Second round, I didn't have a partner, and nobody was volunteering. I felt slightly hurt, but then again, it's a bunch of teenagers, so it's to be expected. Eventually, Nina ended up as my partner, and that was good. I was ready for a third round, but Mr. A decided to cut us a break tonight, so I was glad. So it wasn't too bad a night. Things are coming along, and I just have to be diligent with my form, I think. So, in that light, that's what I mean by one step forward-- getting additional steps of my form to learn and the 3-4 extra steps in my weapons form, and practically done, as I knew most of that weapons form already, the board breaking is taking less attempts, and the sparring is progressing. I just have to think positively with the progress I've made. There are times that I know I've made progress for sure, but at the same time, I am still not feeling that confident in my abilities. Part of me dreads being in class, as I feel kinda dumb and not remembering, and not having the ability. But I know that with the less attempts it takes to break a board, or the fact that I can hold my own for the most part in getting the job done in other aspects, I must be making progress. I get concerned about training to be an instructor. I can't remember the old forms, even though I did them myself not THAT long ago. It's just so much to remember, it's intimidating. So, I just concentrate on having a good attitude as best as I can, working within my abilities, stretching those abilities when I am physically and mentally able to, and presenting the best front I can. After all, I have a tournament in a month to compete in, and I want to place in it!

And speaking of the tournament, I saw today that since Drew and I are signed up before June 30th, we are considered part of the Competition Team for our school. We are one of two Mother-Son teams within this competition team. The other one is Sharon and Greg, the other people who happen to be from our town, and also two of my other favorite people at the school! I just hope that Sharon and I don't have to actually spar at the tournament, because in class we are always giggling together. I'll have to put on my game face for that!

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