Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tournament frustration kicks in again

Tomorrow night I have an interschool tournament, so that I can, as my instructor says, "chase down some points".

The problem is, I just read the state stats for my group (women color belts, 30-somethings), and found out that Sandy, due to that last big regional that I had to miss and was very upset about missing, is now placed #3 is sparring and tied with me for #4 in weapons. This just opens up an old wound and gets me depressed. Now understand, I don't begrudge Sandy. She works very hard on her stuff, and she earns what she has gotten. This is not to say that I haven't, but again, this just means that if I had gone, I would have had an opportunity to really gain some big points. Even according to Sandy, I always beat her in sparring, and yet she's #3 in the state? I am not going to be facecious (if I spelled that right) to think that I would've beat her and the others. But from prior conversations, it sounds like I would've had a good chance, and that chance was lost with me not attending. I would have just liked to have tried, and if I lost fair and square, then that would be that. But I know that I am fairly good at what I do, and that tournament was a big opportunity lost, and I knew it, but couldn't help it. WAH!

Tomorrow night, we have an interschool tourney. Not as big, and I'll be up against Sandy, hoping to kick her butt and take her name (to use her phraseology). Nothing against her personally, but I think my competitive psyche is turned on. I might go to work early tomorrow so that I can practice for the tourney. I know that my forms and kama routine are pretty good. I just have to remember where the kihaps are for the form (I didn't have to remember them because I couldn't say them at graduation due to my laryngitis), and see if there are any little adjustments I can make to make this easy form sing. My life has been so...yucky lately that I need something good to happen.


Miss Chris said...

Oh, the drama of tournaments. I'll be pulling for you!

Lucky said...

Good luck, girl! Kick some!