Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Funny how it disappears so quickly.

I had a free trial lesson to teach today for my Cubs class. One of my old students did arrive for class, but he arrived an hour early. I asked his grandfather who brought him, if he could bring him back at 2 PM, when class was scheduled, and he said he would, but he never came back (at least while I was there). My trial people arrived. A little 4 year old boy, and his 6 year old sister (okay, she's 6 on Saturday, but who's counting?). Anyhow, since she was there, and nobody else was, both kids took the Cubs class. I hadn't taught a class since a month ago, well before the holidays, so I was a little rusty. I did a quick review of what a basic class was, and Mom seemed to be okay with it, and the kids seemed to have fun, so hopefully it'll pan out into something. But oh, due to chronic back pain recently, and the continuing problem with my knee (and I forgot, or rather didn't think I'd need my knee brace today), even a simple class was a little tough to get through. But I think it went well overall. Also got another trial class booked for Saturday, so that's good. Generally, a busy day at work today!

Tonight, I caught that "The Karate Kid" is on ABC Family channel tonight! Cool! I haven't watched it since I started taking classes. I should really get that, and KKII for my DVD library. I look at it with different eyes now, even though I always enjoyed the movies anyway. "Wax on, wax off." ;-)

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