Sunday, February 18, 2007

The common cold and TKD do not mix

Well, after the fiasco of Wednesday, I came in on Saturday, as I promised SW I would. She needed holders for board breakers who were doing a makeup test that day. Generally Saturday was good. I only went in for Weapons (waste of time for me again), and board breaking class. My friend "Oceandirt" came, as it was her birthday, and she wanted to spend part of the day at TKD, since she loves it so much. She got to use my Jahng Bang, which she thought was pretty cool (I suspect this will be on her Mother's Day list this year, haha), and I tried to use my kamas, but instead got stuck helping the pipsqueaks with their BME. Pain in the tushie to do that, hence, a waste of time. Board breaking was a little better. I have two foot breaks that I need to work on. One is the round kick break. I already know I don't do well with that, but I know what to work on (pulling back my toes and getting the board at the right angle, and not re-chambering my kick). The other one that I have to work on is a run-jump-side kick. Of course, we start with the run-side kick first. Well, it's broken down simply enough, and theoretically I have it. However, when going to break, it doesn't happen. It's a completely different rhythm from a straightforward sidekick (which took me a long time to get), so I think it's going to take me a while to get it. Bleeh.

While all this is going on, I am majorly fighting a bad cold. I think all the crying I did on Wednesday left me vulnerable to catch something, and boy, I caught something. No matter what over-the-counter product I use for the symptoms, nothing helps at all. So, instead of getting better, I'm getting worse, which, naturally isn't good. This is why I didn't go to sparring or forms class, I knew it would take too much out of me. Heck, board breaking class wore me out! But when you are tired and feeling achy, and you can hardly breathe (asthma aside), with the runny nose, etc. You get the idea. You know, I just got over the back injury, and not much before that I had the bad cold that gave me laryngitis. When is it going to end? I have my first tournament in 2 weeks! Oh man...this is NOT going to be fun. :-(


John Vesia said...

I've had a cold for about two weeks. You probably have the same thing I do. I think it's the Northeast Flu! Feel better.

Miss Chris said...

Sorry you're under the weather. I hope it passes quickly!