Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tourney Prep

Not much going on between my two classes. Mostly, because of the tournaments both this weekend and next weekend, I had to do some practices. Didn't do anything for my current form or weapon at all today. Part of my problem, however, is I'm finding both knees are starting to bother me. Oh boy. I'm trying to work on not bobbing up and down in my form, which takes a lot deeper knee bends and being consistent than I've been doing, so my quads hurt a little, and thus there's extra exertion on my knees. Oh joy. However, in practicing my kamas/ssahng nat, I think I have a new move mastered better now, and I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my weapons routine for competition. There was a move I had before that didn't look pretty, so if I can continue to work on this new move, then I will replace the old move with the new move. I will certainly have to practice, but I think I have it.

Since this is the day that SW is in for the day, man, she took advantage of being there. It was a very busy day, to say the least! No slouching today! I will say that she had me draft up a letter to the W/O/Y Masters families to tell them that they won't do the Masters stuff with them on Saturdays, but rather those students can come to the specialties classes instead. I think she was worried that I'd write it somehow as a negative and "Hey, here's the positive" about it. But better yet, I wrote it as if there were no negatives attached to it, like, "Wow, guess what you can do, which is better!". She was pleased with the results. No rewrites at all. ;-) (Go me!) Making lots of phone calls, and stuff. Putting things up, writing things up, etc. Just busy, busy, busy! Well, there's a lot going on, after all.

So, not much going on. Today seemed like a day of a lot of socializing and information more than workout. But that's okay. Like I said, my knees are bothering me today.

Tomorrow Drew has class, but I don't think I will take it with him. He needs to learn the information more than I do. I might go and practice stuff while he's in class in the back mat. I'll have to see. After the tournaments, I'll be able to catch up without any problem, since IW1 is not new to me. And I can probably practice sword a bit, since I haven't learned that much. I only have to learn up to 20 seconds worth of material anyway for that, so that shouldn't be a problem. We'll see. I'm not too worried...yet.

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Penelope said...

Yay for tournament prep! And yay for having figured out the whole WOY Masters stuff! It would have made my life much easier as WOY when we switched to speciality classes if I had been able to do those rather than the WOY class as it was. (of course, it complicated things at the time because I was in class with the kids on Saturdays and Nikki & Victoria were having me assist teaching them on Tuesdays)

I'll see you Saturday!