Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Young One's Sabbatical

While the decision was made a while ago, I regret to report that Drew is taking a sabbatical from TKD. Things came to a head after the misbehaving in class and choosing to opt out of the tournament at the last minute. Between talking to Drew, and my husband and I talking about it too, it just made sense to give Drew a break. He's worked hard to get to where he is. This will be a longer break than I had anticipated, as I was hoping that he could get through at least the end of the year and get the summer off. Heck, I was hoping he'd finish out this cycle and get his full camo belt! He also ended his last class on a less than optimal note, and I had hoped, based on a good recommendation of SW, that he'd take at least one more class and end on a high note, but that was not to be.

This was a difficult decision, but I think it's the best one for everyone. Drew was just becoming too difficult in class. That took away from the other kids, which I didn't appreciate on behalf of the other parents, and it didn't make life easier on the instructors either, who really were doing their best to help, especially SW. Drew has a natural ability-- I wouldn't exactly call it a natural talent-- for TKD, and he was doing well when he tried and put his mind to it. It was frustrating for everyone involved that he would be acting up, so to take a break seemed to be the best solution.

I do want him to go back. I think Drew does like it, but maybe was burned out for a while. Maybe he's one of those kids who will take a long time to earn his black belt, but that's okay, as it's not a race. He'll be really good by the time he does though! ;-)

There are two things that have been encouraging me during this small, silent mourning of the situation. First was from RA. He mentioned one boy whose older brothers are regulars, and he was antsy like Drew as well. The boy took a whole YEAR off, and now is MUCH more focused than before and doing quite well. So, RA's take was that sometimes kids need the break, and it will work. After all, when Drew came back from a three month break last summer, he was raring to go and doing well enough that I started his Masters upgrade and got him his gear sooner than I would've expected. Perhaps the same thing will happen again. I sure hope so.

The other encouraging thing is that my incredibly skeptical, cynical husband told me that he honestly thinks Drew will go back to TKD in the fall as planned, raring to go. He sees how much Drew likes it, and thinks Drew will miss it after a while, so he's confident he's going to go back. Now, if JC thinks Drew's going to go back, that's all I need to hear.

Ironically enough, Drew keeps asking, "Do I go to taekwondo today?" and I keep assuring him that he's taking a break until he starts 1st grade.

Oy vey.

So, I felt that we need to keep the boy busy still with something, so after some discussion, Drew will be joining the millions of kids who play the international sport known as either football, or in the US known as soccer. Yes, I'm going to be a soccer mom. Seems like it will be a good program in the spring, as the big rec league here in my area has a more casual program in the spring (fall is when it's twice as big and more structural), and that will be good for him just starting out.

It'll be a little lonely knowing that I'll be doing this by myself for a while. Last summer it wasn't bad, but it was only for 2-3 months. This time, it's going to be for about twice that. By the time I'm getting my black belt, hopefully seeing Mom get hers will reignite his interest and willingness to cooperate.

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blackbeltmama said...

I feel like you do. It's not a race. I'd rather it take my daughter a while to get her black belt than have her get it and mean nothing to her. They started so young (same age the two of them) and there's so much to learn. At my school, you can't get a black belt under the age of 14, unless you get a junior black belt. You have to retest for a regular black belt at 14 then. I would rather her slowly make her way to 14 and test like an adult then.

I'm going to be a t-ball Mom is just a few short weeks. It will be interesting to see which activity she prefers.

And I think the black belt will definitely motivate him. When I got promoted last time and my daughter didn't, she was bothered by that. He'll go back and be raring to go, just as you say.