Wednesday, April 18, 2007

All that just for a piece of tape!

Graduation was tonight. I usually enjoy graduation for the social aspect of it all. I get to see some people I haven't seen for a while, cheer them on, catch up with them, etc. Out of everyone there, however, there's only 3 color belts, and I was one of them. At least I wasn't the bottom one! I know there are a few teens that are in the W/O/Y ranks, but they weren't there tonight. The two kids that were there tonight were both purple belts, so they were about 4 cycles behind me. We pretty much went last, with the exception of Nikki, who did her Xtreme weapon routine and impressed the heck outta everyone there. (Then again, I've seen her practice, so I know she definitely has worked at it!) She's ranked in the WORLD Top Ten in Xtreme, and it showed. I was just glad that SW put me in the back, and put the kids up front. I really didn't pay attention to them. My form wasn't perfect, but I'm sure it was cleaner looking than the kids, especially since I had just competed with it, and I've done it before. I'm just glad that not only the run-jump-sidekick break is over, but no more IW#1 unless I'm teaching it! :-) I never liked that form very much. I remember liking IW#2 much better, and we're doing that next. And after that, I'll jump back to CJ#2, and I remember that wasn't too bad either.

I was watching the drills for SJB that are required for the red/black 1st cycle, and man, I can do that already! That will be SOOO easy. I think this next cycle will be SJB anyway, so I will be more than prepared. Maybe I'll finally get a chance to get better at that!

So, a lot of effort this cycle, all for a piece of tape to show that I took the midterm for that level. Next cycle, I'll finally change color again, and I'll be red/black, aka BLACK BELT RECOMMENDED! :-D

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Silverstar said...

Woo hoo black belt recommended! Best of luck reaching that goal and on Shodan testing.:)