Friday, April 06, 2007

Hard work is starting to pay off!

I returned from my day excursion to the Crayola Factory today, and got a call on my cell phone. It was Sandy. She asked, "They finally updated the tournament stats. Did you see it yet?". Since I had just gotten home, I hadn't. She proceeded to inform me that I had bumped up from 5th place in weapons to 2nd place! That was great news, although I had guessed already that once my big A tourney win had been calculated in, that I was going to at least be in 2nd place. I was just glad it was official!

But here's the kicker, because we were talking about how it'd all figure in together. Evidentally, some of those interschool tournament scores were finally figured in as well. I had 2 points, and knew with the A tourney that I had an additional 8 points for a total of 10 points, minimally, to put me into 2nd place (the 1st place holder has 17 points). It appears that with the other interschool tournament scores, that I actually have 13 points. SO, theoretically, if there are enough participants at next week's B tournament and I get 1st place at that, I could easily be the state champ in weapons! OH MY GAWD. That would be so awesome!

Of course, it's a little presumptuous to think that I'm going to get 1st. Granted, I have a good routine, but there's always someone who can replace you, so I have to really practice this coming week. Heck with the sword for a week-- gotta work on those kamas!

I also have to mention that Sandy, as we say in my house, isn't doing too shabby in her own right. While she will admit that unless she were to be able to get some really good high ranks very quickly that she wouldn't be able to surpass the 1st place person (because the other person got REALLY high scores that are hard to catch up to), she is 2nd in the state in forms and sparring. WHOA! And this is her first year competing. I think all in all, and I've said this many times before, I think she's a better martial artist than me. I've found my niche in weapons, but she's all around consistent, and it shows not only in class, but also in her tourney performances. She truly puts her heart and soul into what she does, and the fact that she's 2nd in those two disciplines and just started competing this year, that says a lot in itself. This is my 2nd year of competing, and still struggling.

So, as you can guess, I'm quite excited, to say the least. My rank placement is a LOT better than I expected, or rather the points I have is better than I thought. That in itself is a thrill, so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. While I would LOVE to be 1st, I'm going to be happy if I don't get that, simply because it's been a lot of work, and I had a lot to catch up with. Even Sandy said, heck, if I had gone to the Rutgers tourney that I had wanted to go to and placed, there's no question that I'd be in 1st place now. So, it's been worth it in that respect.

I do think ahead to the 2007-2008 tournament season which starts in June. I'm not sure if I'll compete or not. I'll only be a color belt for a little while longer, and then after that, I'm eligible as a 1st degree black belt in the 30-something category for a few months, and then next year, I'll be in the 40-something category before I even turn 40. I have thought about, however, going and getting judging certification, because by getting my 1st degree belt, I'm eligible to go to certification camp. Same with my instructor certification. I don't think there was any pressure up to now to get all the information under my belt (no pun intended),but once I get my black belt, then yeah, I should start working more on that. Heck, if I can end on top, that's not a bad thing. We'll see.

So-- YEAH! 2nd place! Just 4 more points, and I could tie for 1st, and 5 points I would BE 1st place! Can't beat the feeling. :-)

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Miss Chris said...

State champ...Holy cow! I hope you get it...What a great feeling!