Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just Biding My Time

Not much is going on with Training. It's kind of an in-between week, as I have an Interschool on Saturday, so I'm not learning the next form until next week, and I can catch up quickly as it's IW#2, which I've done before. SW gave me a few pointers in the morning class to work on to make my forms and weapons better. In forms, I have to work on my stances (I always do-- more knee bending), and with the double roundkick, I have to work on making my foot flatter (more heel, less toe, if that makes sense). I'm starting to discover than my balance isn't that great, and I'm convinced it's the mats. They don't give much, but they give enough that I lose my balance more easily these days if I'm slowing things down. If I'm on a perfectly flat floor with no give, no problem. For my weapons, SW agreed that I need to stick with what works, namely the SN, but offered the main suggestion of making sure that I was careful in where my digs were and that the cuts were pronounced. For me, in other words, I have to make sure I really snap and overexaggerate the moves to make them look sharper without compromising the moves. I can't have a 4-way cut looking too much like a windmill, for example. Get that little bit of flick in the wrist, and I should be okay.

Instructor class was fairly straightforward. We did an exercise in teaching (and for me, learning) some JB drills. Part of the problem is how we had to hold the JB, in a "gun rifle" hold (again, if that makes sense), and learning some basic offensive and defensive strikes and blocks based on the strike lines. I had Ron as a partner, and he was very patient with me, fortunately. You have to remember, I am still the lowly color belt, and everyone else there is a 2nd degree or higher! But we got through it, perhaps a little slower than the rest of the group, but we got through it. SW said I didn't have to worry about learning it just yet, but it was helpful for me to understand it, so that took the pressure off a little. We then practiced our stuff. I worked on the stuff for interschool some more. We finished up with our usual staff meeting, at which, since most of us in the group compete, we got information of re-inforcement of uniform and weapons information as they pertain to tournaments (what you can and cannot wear/use). Most of it was review, but there were a few changes, so it was good to review.

The evening ended with SW telling us that one of our instructor group, a 1st degree who's only a few cycles ahead of me but has been AWOL lately, has recently entered rehab for some diagnoses. I was really surprised, and found out info about the kid that I had no idea about. This is one of my favorite kids at the school, so it's been on my mind since I heard it last night. This kid was one of the last ones I expected to hear this about, so it's weighed on my mind heavily. We have a "survivor" drop N date night soon, and I asked SW if I could buy a t-shirt from the event to send, and she said, of course. She encouraged the group to send lighthearted get-well cards, but I think I want to write a little more than that, more like a letter of encouragement. I really know that once this kid gets help, all the encouragement and support in the world is what's needed to stay on track. This is a really good kid, even from my own limited perspective. I always try to find the good in people, and with this kid I could find it pretty easily.

So, I just have the Interschool and Picture Day on Saturday. I hope she'll let me wear a black belt or something just for the photo, but probably not. :-S Sandy won't be able to make it to the Interschool due to prior commitments, so she will be missed. She and I were talking about it yesterday, and she said she knows she is ready to kick my butt, especially in sparring! And to be honest, and I've said this before, I know the time is coming that she will. She has stretchier pants now so that she can better kick me in the jaw! LOL She will beat me, sooner than later, I'm sure.

We'll see how the Interschool goes on Saturday.

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