Thursday, May 31, 2007

Let's just get things over with, and-- OH YEAH, BABY!

Yesterday's classes were okay. The morning class was only three of us, Sandy, E an myself. Michelle was teaching, so we got a little bit more of a workout. Michelle's great, as we- meaning Sandy and I- tend to have more fun with her, and she's more willing to actually make us work out. Heaven forbid! I was a little disappointed, however, that she didn't have Sandy and I pair up. Working with E is a bore. She doesn't have much power, and every time I tried to hit a pad, she'd move the damn thing, as if to brace for impact. Just hold the damn thing still! Cripes! Sandy wouldn't move, that's for sure! She'd take the punches or kicks, and give the same or more back in return! Man, it's so much easier to workout with her, because I know that she's there to get the job done, and take names, just like me! ;-) The one real positive of the class was that I was able to figure out how I'm going to position my boards for my board breaking for Permission to Test next week. Unlike most people who do everything one-sided (like hand break with the right hand, then kick with the right), I'm doing a palm heel break with my right, and a round kick with my left foot. Once I got the rhythm to it, using wood boards (since we have to do break wood to test), BAM! BAM! I popped both of them on the first try. Oh yeah, my confidence is back with board breaking. This permission to test will be easier than the last one, for sure. Problem was that instead of using the actual palm heel, I broke the board with the part of my hand just below that, so now I have a nice little bruise on my inner wrist. Lovely. I'm sure it'll heal in time for whenever I have to break next week. But MAN, I broke both boards with a vengeance!

Instructor class was all about how to do nothing but front kicks, but in about 5 different ways so that the kids don't realize that they are working on front kicks the whole time. It was good, although with one drill, it required you to get down on one knee, then come back up kicking that front kick. With my bad knees, it was a true struggle to do it, and um, it didn't feel good. The rest of the time, as usual, was time used to practice forms and such, and me being the only color belt, well, I essentially got ignored as far as getting a checkup or some help with what I was doing. I was also crowded out of my small amount of mat space to practice, no matter where I went. I'm doing fine on my form, I think. I'm not sure of my transitions still, although I think I have them down a little better than a week ago. I'll just have to check the DVD for this form to get my instruction this time. Good thing I've done this form before! I still have to figure out what kind of freestyle I'm doing with my DSJB (double numchukas, for you non-ATA people). I think I have some good basics that I just have to smooth out and again, get some rhythm and flow so they look good and I can get something flashy out in 20 seconds or so. :-S Should be interesting, but at least I have about 2 weeks-- give or take-- to get it together.

So classes in general have been rather boring, and they will continue to be boring for the next 4-5 months. Even once I get my 1st degree recommended belt (1BR), it's a form I've done before, and it's the only form I'll be working on. It'd be one thing if it was the 1st degree form, which I know I'll be working on for a few YEARS, but I don't know it yet, so that will be a challenge. And each cycle, there's something new to learn with weapons, etc. But for now, oh my gawd. I think the only part of the single SJB and single BME forms I don't know are still pretty simple, and I'll probably learn them in a day. Bleeh. I pretty much know all the SJB information for 1BR, although I just need a quickie review of the strike lines. I mean, I know where the strike lines ARE, I just don't know how to show them with a SJB. Again, that'll probably take 5 minutes. Same with the BME the following cycle. I think I only don't know the "snake" move, but everything else should be review for the most part. Makes me wish I could do both weapons in the same cycle, and get it over with! But no. Bugger!

So, that being said, we should move onto the "OH YEAH, BABY!" part of this entry.

Drum roll please........


I am very excited about this. Many in my school and in the leadership program take getting a state championship, let alone a ranking in the state, for granted. Not me! I worked very hard for this one, for sure. Let's face it, I'm keeping that Kama/SN routine as long as I can! ;-) I also ended up ranking #5 in the state in my group for sparring.

The next tournament year starts with World Championships in late June, and of course I can't make it to that. (Unless I find some Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mama to pay my way!) It's also going to be a little, well weird for this tournament year for me. I will be a color belt for only a few more months, and not too many tournaments between now and then. And once I become a black belt, then there are not too many tournaments either until the end of that tournament year. It has to do with rank and age. I'm going to be 39 this summer. So I only have a short time to still be in the color belts for that age range, and for the moment, there are next to no 30-something 1st degrees competing, or at least any that have placed at tourneys. When next year's tournament year starts, I will have to switch and be in the 40-something category, as it's based on the age you will be on 12/31 of that tournament year. This time next year, I will be considered 40, not still 39, so it's going to be weird for a while. I don't know. I'm not sure that I want to still compete. I have to think about it. There is some pressure to continue, but I'm not sure. I guess I'll just continue for a while until I can make a "for sure" decision.

So, that's the big news. I am a state champ. I'm really thrilled about it. I can't wait to order my state champ uniform, and due to ATA regs being reinforced more, I will have to get black gear instead of red gear soon with the black belt promotion. Hey, at least I switched out my faceshield now for one that will allow me to breathe! That's gotta help!


Silverstar said...

Congratulations on your victory! You deserved it.:)

Becky said...

Congratulations on being state champ! That is great.

I have the Black Belt Knitters webring up and running. There is a link in the sidebar of my blog to join, if you are interested. YOu can submit both of your blogs if you want to, and even become a team member of the blog I set up as a home page for the ring.

John Vesia said...

State champ. That's terrific! Post a video of one of your weapons forms.

Do they allow the faceshields in ATA tournaments, or are they strictly for school sparring? Frankly, some of them look uncomfortable to wear.

Bethany said...

Congratulations-- sure sounds impressive, and nice to be acknowledged for all of your hard work!

Knitting burns as many calories as TKD, right? Breaking boards... weaving ends... yeah, that's it :(

Windsornot said...


Actually, having the faceshields is required all the way around as of this month, both at school and especially at tournaments. Anyone showing up at Worlds later this month without one will most likely not be allowed to compete, that's how much they are cracking down on this new rule. And the approved vendor is backordered in getting more in!


I'd like to think that the knitting burns as many calories. If nothing else, it helps me with finger dexterity a little bit with using those weapons! ;-) One time I made a blanket of sorts for my son for kindergarten naptime use a year ago. Size 17 needles and Lion Brand Big Yarn (almost like really soft rope). It gave me a workout, literally! LOL

Miss Chris said...

I'm so psyched for you! Awesome!

frotoe said...

Wow! that is excellent! congratulations!