Thursday, June 14, 2007

To put things in perspective, thank goodness for YouTube

I have to tell you, I love You Tube. It's not like I get on there all the time, but sometimes you can find a real gem. It looks like a 5th degree owner from California has put most of the forms on YT, and while I know that there's the official DVDs/videos that show the forms from the ATA, these are done by this fellow instead. I thought I'd share what I did last night. (If you didn't see the long, play by play story below, go there now.)

This is In Wha #2, which is normally the blue belt form.

Now, for what I have (again) for the next few months to do to perfection for my black belt testing in October:

Sandy has the latter of these two forms down so well, as she's done it for ages, that she could probably do it in her sleep hanging upside down! (Right, Sandy?)

That's just to put into a little bit of perspective what I had to do last night, and what I will have to do for the next testing. Yikes!


Becky said...

I like the videos, but I wish they'd zoomed in on the guy a little more. He had some good high kicks. Do yours go that high? Mine don't, and I don't think they ever would at my age. Good thing Isshinryu is a low kicking style!

Windsornot said...

Hmm, well, he's a 5th degree, and looks like he's been keeping up with this for a while. I'd say that I can get about at least half that high if I really try. Depends on the kicks. Like the ones at the end, yeah, I can get it up to head level. I'm looking forward to my next board break, as I'll be doing a jump front kick, and I practiced in front of one of my main instructors after graduation without boards, and it got to head level, and he said, "Yeah, you'll be fine." ;-) I really need to get a videographer!