Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Now I'm REALLY getting lazy, kind of.

Well, while I had a week off from work due to the "fun camp", I was going to go to classes tonight. I didn't have my usual Wednesday morning class, but as everyone knows, I've been bored, so my plan was to go to Instructor class as usual, and then go to classes on Saturday.

Guess who's not at instructor class?

I wasn't in the mood anyway, but I was going to force myself to go, just to keep everything fresh. But right after dinner, I fell down the stairs. We live in a split level house, and the level between the kitchen and the family room is about 5/6 stairs. I was going down quickly and misjudged that I still had another step -- maybe two-- to go on my way down. Instead, I went CRASHING down, skinning my knee on the hardwood floor, chipping part of my big toe's toenail, and twisting my knee and ankle in the process. It's not too bad, but when it first happened, yikes! Oh, and did I mention that this was my GOOD knee? Yeah, it figures. So, I made the executive decision, since it's still a little tender, not to go to class, as I could just see me agitating it more when it probably needs a night of rest. If I went to class, I probably wouldn't be able to walk tomorrow! (I still might not, but at least I'm not making it worse!) When I told JC of my decision, he agreed, as he tried to catch me in my fall, but it happened too fast. :-(

So, I haven't been to instructor class in two weeks. I think this is a record. I will still try to make it on Saturday. Hopefully this will be better by then. I can't goof off too much, simply because testing is in 3 weeks, and I can't slouch too much. We finally made our vacation plans, so I'll already be missing a week at the end of the month (unless I can figure out if there's an ATA in Myrtle Beach, and actually decide to go to classes, lugging my gear ALLLLLLL the way there. That's something to think about...) I feel a bit lazy, but this time it is a mild injury that was non-TKD related, but could affect TKD big time. We'll see. Maybe this was meant to be, since I've been so bored lately.


Miss Chris said...

Ouch! I'm glad you didn't do more damage with that nasty fall...

Myrtle Beach! Lucky!!!

Becky said...

Ouch! I hope you recover quickly!

frotoe said...

oooh i hope you're feeling better! and hold on to that bannister!

[Mat] said...


maybe you're due for a break.

Stopping is incredible for motivation. You have no idea how much I hunger for going back.

Plus, it would give you time to heal.

Soke once said : "when someone loses his appetite for karate, he should stop and come back when the fire burns again"

You have no idea how right that is.

Whatever you choose, good luck and good success.