Sunday, September 02, 2007

Back from short break

Hello all!

I just returned from a week long vacation in Myrtle Beach. I'll just say it wasn't that great a vacation, nor was it the worst. It had its good and bad moments. But oddly enough, as much as I've felt burnt out lately from TKD, I still made it a point to try to find the MB ATA (I found it, but it's a club, not a school, so I couldn't go and buy a t-shirt from them to wear to my classes on t-shirt days), and I actually practiced my form/kata at the beach at least once or twice. Not too bad, huh? I did have one night that was going so badly that I felt I NEEDED to be at a class. I had so much anger built up that I felt like that energy would be better off put towards a sparring match, or something like that. I actually was surprised at myself that there I was, taking a complete break, and I WANTED to go to class. So, I think that means that while I think I still feel a little burned out, I'm in a better mental state to go to class now. I'll probably start back in a few days, although I have to start back to work on Tuesday. Bleeh. But, gotta start back sometime...

Drew is supposed to be starting back now, now that's it's September. That was the agreement, and he's sticking to it. I decided not to start him right off the bat with the first week of school, but I'll start him on Saturday, and he and I can take the same class, as this cycle they are doing the same form as I'm doing now. At least that way he can get back into the groove with Mom alongside him. I know the form inside and out, but this will be, well, very much a challenge for him, even if he only has to learn half the form. I keep assuring him he's not in the "baby" group anymore, so it will be better. I hope he believes me! I would like to see him progress, as I think that getting into the swing of it again will be a good way of putting his energy into something positive, but I do think he has a natural knack for it, and without learning anything new, he'll never grow in the process, and he WILL get bored, as he did before.

So that's what's new.

Oh, and I couldn't get a photo, but I thought of John V's conversation about "Losing My Religion" while in MB, as we passed on one particular main street a sign for a school that promoted "Christian Taekwondo". I dunno, it made my husband and I laugh. We really didn't think a place like that would actually exist, but evidentally it does!

Until next time, when atrophied muscles are put back to the test again...;-)

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