Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bad Sushi

(For those of you in the know, you know I HAD to give this post this title. LOL!)

Tonight was supposed to be Sandy's testing for her black belt. Pen and I arrived in the nick of time to watch it start. There were 5 student testing, and they did a quickie warm up, and then the instructor, Mr. S, (aka as CS,) called Sandy up to start doing her forms. Sandy performed IW#1, the first of her four forms she had to do, and after she finished that one, CS bowed her out, and excused himself, because he thought he was going to be sick. Oh great. So a few minutes pass, and no sign of CS. One of the other students in Sandy's class is an MD (as in, he's a doctor), so he went to check on him, and then HE was taking a while. Finally the last male adult student went to check on them, and came back telling us that CS wasn't doing well at all. Dr. N and CS came back finally after quite a while, and CS said that he was sorry, but they would have to reschedule testing, because he was just feeling too sick. So, there you go. No black belt for Sandy tonight. I think we were all disappointed, but under the circumstances, it was understandable. The thing was that a) at least we know he didn't get sick as a reaction to Sandy's form! and b)well, CS's nickname is Sushi (it sounds a little like his last name), so in that sense, hence the subject of this post being "bad Sushi". :-P I know, I'm too funny for my own good sometimes. heh heh heh

So, Sandy, her husband and daughter, Pen and I went out for dinner, and then Sandy's husband had to go, so it was us ladies just chatting the night away. We really had a lot of fun, catching up especially with Pen since we hadn't actually SEEN her for 6 months or so (although we've been corresponding via blogs and such). I think we could've gone all night if Sandy didn't have to bring her daughter home, Pen having to get back to college, and me, well, not staying out too late. (Although JC didn't mind.)

There are a few things that I concluded tonight. Sandy's forms make people sick. No-- I'm just kidding, Sandy! But seriously, both these ladies that are my friends are my friends, and in some ways my extended family because of TKD. I wouldn't have known them if it weren't for TKD. And man, we GOSSIPED all night about this and that with our do-jahngs, and info we had from various sources, but we also talked about other things too. It was the kind of night that I really enjoy, being with other adults who have some common interests, have a great sense of humor, and are smart and witty enough to indulge in some great conversation. I even had an audience for my jokes! ;-)

So, I'm still glad for my TKD experiences, because even if I'm not training, I have friends from there to spend my time both in and out of the class. That's cool.

Now, we just have to figure out when Sandy's next attempt at testing will be! In the meantime, my black belt was received in the school's mail today, and it's now hanging up, waiting to be earned. Just 6 weeks or so left of training....


Penelope said...

Yay for being so close that you can actually see the belt!

I got back to school in about an hour (a little less) so not bad. If only I'd been able to do that getting there ;-)

I had a lot of fun. We really should do something like that more often. I've missed you.

Becky said...

So sorry abou the test being postponed. For Sandy I mean. My test was postponed as well, and it messed with my mental preparation. Here I was, all geared up and ready for the test, then I was told I'd have to wait another month.