Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You know you're a bad employee when...

You know you're a bad TKD employee when you bring your own kid for class, and you have the class time completely wrong, that he shows up 15 minutes before class ENDS rather than 15 minutes early. Such was yesterday. To be honest, other than the Basic intro classes for the pipsqueaks and the Cubs class times, I don't have the other times memorized. For some reason, I thought Mondays and Wednesdays had the same time for the upper level pipsqueak color belts, so I was rushing around trying to get dinner into Drew's tummy and get him out the door, only to find that the kids were working on weapons. Huh? I checked the schedule, and his class time on Mondays is an hour earlier. Crap. Well, so much for that! Drew was happy that he couldn't take class. I really can't take him to a makeup class this week, so oh well. He'll go tomorrow. I'll be missing some of my evening classes tomorrow due to Back to School night, so oh well again. I just hope I have the energy. I think I'm coming down with something. :-S

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