Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Now, if we could only have him do that OUTSIDE of the do-jahng

Yesterday's class for Drew went okay. I didn't see all of it (partially staying out of the way as usual), but I asked him if he punched anyone in the face during sparring, and he said no, but he did get too rough and backed off when told to do so. Still breaking with a palm heel, but for now, that's okay. Seemed to be following along, and I didn't hear anyone scolding him as much, or at all for that matter, so that's got to be good.

So, we are working with a counselor, as Drew has some behavioral issues that my husband and I are just having a really difficult time with him, and frankly, I'm burnt out. (You can read most of the gory details at my regular blog, if you are that interested. But fair warning-- it isn't pretty. Not for the faint of heart.) However, Drew has made some improvements at TKD in his behavior in class. There were times in the past whereby he'd have a meltdown and one thing would lead to another and he'd be kicked out of class. This year, there were a few occasions where he would just retract himself from class, and then go back in when he calmed down. Huge improvement. My husband, surprisingly, attributed that to the fact that the instructors there have known him, and they don't put up with any crap of any kind, even though they can be understanding too, and as a result, his respect towards authority is better there than anywhere-- even at home. So, even when the counselor is saying that perhaps we should take one class a week away as a possible punishment for behavior either at school or home, hubby agreed with me, and turned the idea around, that it was better that he stay in there, for the reason that it set a good standard for him. Hmm. While I always knew that TKD -- or any martial art-- would help to instill discipline, focus and respect in kids, I didn't think it was actually getting through to my kid entirely. Perhaps it actually is after all. It might be slow in getting there, but I guess it is, if even my hubby, who rarely sees Drew in action until recently, detected it.

Who knew?

Now, the trick will be, for him to respect and respond better at home and at school, and with the rest of the world. That's the bigger part of the picture. Nope, he can't stop or quit now. He might be on a roll.

One week until black belt testing, and I just want to get it over with and done!

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