Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Update to Missing Pieces

Talked with SW. Nothing to worry about in the end. She said what happened was that Drew was actually doing very well in class, up until that point that he looked up. She had told him something he didn't like, and he had looked to me for approval, and I wasn't giving it one way or another. It was from that point forward that he only did his forms and everything in a half-hearted way. SW said she was actually very pleased with the way he was doing things before the altercation, and then even the fact that he didn't have a blowout, and kept going half-heartedly without making scene was HUGE progress in her eyes. She said that even when he had his little part to do, which was to yell, "SET!" at the end of the last segment, he did it in a way that was very leadership-like of him. She also said that at his age, she's not too worried about left or right foot as long as the general move is done, and if he were still doing that at age 8, then she'd worry. She felt that for a 6 year old, he's doing very well, and not to worry about doing the form more correctly, getting the moves for his weapons and taking the easy way out with board breaks. She felt that he's still doing well with sparring too, and just has to remember his control, but that has still progressed as well. His transition to upper-level color belt has been good. She felt that his attitude in class and his behavior has improved immensely, and she felt that was more important than the actual steps. The steps will come in time, and 6 year olds aren't always as coordinated yet, but attitude is everything, and he's made major strides with that.

So I'm relieved! WHEW!

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