Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is my subconscious trying to tell me something?

Well, after I got the opportunity to take the week off from work, and I was giving Drew a week's break, I decided I need a break too. Just for the week. Besides, I'm not in that much of a rush with getting my next belt, so if I'm not ready this cycle, I'm not ready. No biggie.

So imagine my surprise this morning as I'm trying to sleep in on a Sunday morning, the day before the craziness of life ensuing again, that I have a dream about TKD. I was back in the do-jahng, and it looked like it was being remodelled or something, but just mildly. It was a weekday daytime class, and for some reason, there was a class for the aikido people or some other group in the back. Usually we have the whole place to ourselves. Again, no biggie, things change. Somehow, the walls were covered with these huge dropcloth like curtains, with the red and blue stripes we currently have on the wall. So it's almost like they are doing the remodelling due to the dropcloth curtains, but at the same time the curtains are decorative in an attempt to make the place still look presentable during repairs. What really got me about it was that there are mirrors in the front set of mats, but not in the back, and the curtains covered up the mirrors. I've worked without mirrors plenty of times before, so that in and of itself didn't bother me, but somehow this bothered me. Then, the other class left, and I could go practice my poom-sae (kata) on the back mats. Somehow, the curtains back there didn't have the stripes, and suddenly, I felt like I was in this all white box with no windows or doors or sense of what was up or down or whatever. It was really disconcerting to not know how close or far away the walls were. I haven't quite learned half my form yet, but having been away, the dream continued where I would practice what I did know already. For some reason, perhaps being in this weird mat/room, I would be struggling with this one load. I was able to do my form, but for some reason the load into a double outer forearm block was proving difficult, and somehow I knew it wasn't as difficult as it was in trying. It was as if my limbs were made of lead, and I just couldn't cross my hands the right way every time, or I'd constantly be getting confused. It was weird.

I woke up at that point, happy to see I wasn't in this mind boggling room, and knowing that while it'll be a little bit of a push to get the ol'brain back into gear to remember my form when I take my next class, I remember a lot more than my dream was purporting.

I wonder what it all means?

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frotoe said...

I hate those dreams where you can't move..weird!