Monday, November 05, 2007

Practice makes perfect, or so they say

Not much to report here. Drew had class today. He went into class in a dour mood, and came out, well, not as dour. I think the time change yesterday has thrown him, as well as his dear old mom, off. I think despite what he says, Drew does much better when one of the adults stays on top of him as he's learning his form. RA fixed a part of his form today, and he was doing much better as a result. I still try not to watch class, but I admit I still look up from time to time. He's having problems with the figure 8s with his SJB, but he's like his mom with that one. That one took me a while. He also finally started working on a sidekick break. It took him many tries before he got it, but he did. I made a slight fuss, but he said that was why he didn't like foot breaks, because he's not as good at them. I reminded him that sidekick ones were really hard for me too for a long time. He had one round of sparring, and he's continuing to improve, as his control is getting better. I think he's starting to grow up a little with that.

As for me, no classes tonight, but then again, I usually don't do Mondays. I sit and knit during Drew's classes. I started working on the heel of a second sock! ;-) But other than a few interruptions from SW and NM, I keep to myself. However, since I am still undecided as to whether I'm going to the regional tournament on Saturday or not (due to mild illness-- not sure if I have a sinus infection that I'm working through, and I feel like I have jet lag even though I haven't gone anywhere. Perhaps it's the time change too?). I spent a good part of my night practicing the weapons form. I mean, I don't have to compete in the weapons form, it's optional. However, I was state champ in weapons, so it'd seem kinda dumb not to compete. Naturally, it's doing a form I just learned and got the hang of the sequence in the last few days, I can't do one of the moves well (the inverted throw), and I don't have the footing well, and it's not my best weapon, so why set myself up for disaster? I guess I have to figure this out by the end of the week. :-S This is what's weird....I know I have to take my time doing this form. If I rush, I screw up more. That seems okay. The weird part is that I was reviewing the move before the inverted throw (around the world/lasso) into the inverted throw, and a few times, I'd practice it on my dominant side with my eyes closed, taking my time. I literally can do the blind throw blind, but as soon as I open my eyes, I start to screw up! What's with that?? Alternately, if I watch myself doing it in my reflection (I was checking myself in my patio door), I could get it. I dunno...I think I need more practice.


Anonymous said...

I can do that inverted thing blind on one side but have to watch on the other. It is weird. What I'm not sure of is if we are SUPPOSED to NOT watch ourselves? Or what. I also decided I need to get my hair cut before Saturday because on the neck grab I keep grabbing my hair. LOLOL Anyway I get what you were saying. Isn't the BB form WEIRD having to remember the one handed thing and the different "loads"? SHEESH that muscle memory is hard to forget! Wait until you get to the very last few moves. There are two double forearm blocks and for the life of me I can't remember to load them the BB way and not the colored belt way. ARRGH! I think I am competing both Fri night AND Sat since the XMA is fri. I'm only doing weapons though. OCEANDIRT

Windsornot said...

Yeah, Drew was originally saying he wanted to go to the regional, but Tiny Tigers is Friday night too. I think that's stupid, because who in their right mind should be expecting families to be coming from far and wide long distances on a Friday night, even if there is no school that day here in NJ? What about those coming from other states? I think they didn't think this out too well. Part of me thinks that it might be a small turnout, and in that respect, that might be a good thing. :-S (We're not going Friday due to Scouts, and I'm not going all that way for Tiny Tigers.)

Anonymous said...

There is TT on Saturday too. Look at the schedule again. There is an option for Fri or Sat for Tiny Tigers. I know Kathy's son is waiting until Sat. I think it is called "late tiny tigers" or something like that. But it is there for sure. OCEANDIRT