Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Plugging away and ice cream

Not much to say for today. I went to Drew's class as he asked me to, and I didn't mind doing color belt stuff, because it keeps that stuff fresh if I should even go for my next collar, as well as it's just good for a workout. Somehow the Tuesday classes, which used to be small, have ended up being huge. There were about 20+ people in there, 3 of us being adults. We're a little more adaptable. The kids all seemed out of sorts tonight in general, and just couldn't get with the program. Some were attentive, but most weren't, and most just seemed unfocused. NK was a little pissed about it, understandably, so she took sparring away (Yay! I mean, AWWWWW...) I will say that Drew general stayed focused. You had to snap him into place a few times, but not much. There were actually kids who were worse behaved than him! There was one boy whom NK actually had him sit on the side until he could behave. And it wasn't Drew!!!! He was proud of that when I pointed that out. We did split the class in half, and Drew went with JZ while I stayed with NK. I had to choice to work on my own stuff, but I was fine doing the color belt stuff. I also helped with board breaking rather than do it myself. The one little boy who has transferred in from Pennington wanted to do an elbow break, but he was doing it completely backwards. I had to show him the basics, and eventually, he got it. Oy. Makes you wonder what they were teaching over there with certain instructors. :-S So many from there have transferred to Princeton it isn't even funny. Anyway, after class, I asked Drew how he behaved when he went to JZ's side, and he said he was very well behaved. I asked him if I could verify that with JZ, and sure enough, she did. She said his focus was really good today, and she high-fived him. I'm glad. As I've said before, it's only taken 3 years to get him to this point! But he felt good, too, that he was one of the better behaved kids in class, and considering he's the youngest boy there and behaved better than some of the older boys, he was proud of himself, which he should be. He's starting to make that connection in focusing in class and good behavior result in confidence and a job well done. Yay. To reward him for his good behavior, in which he told his dad on the phone that "you would be impressed, Dad" (LOL), I took him for some ice cream at a Carvel that just reopened as a treat. He was very happy to earn a Crazy Cotton Candy ice cream cone. (Yes, that is a flavor evidentally.)

In the meantime, I was just reading an article in Yahoo that says that in a few years, a musical about Bruce Lee is going to be produced for Broadway. At first I thought that was one of the most ridiculous things I had ever read. I think it's because my first thought would be the traditional musical comedy genre. But after reading the description, it could be pulled off, if done more like a musical drama, more in line with "Les Miserables" (not comedic at all, having seen it at least 2 or 3 times) or a later Andrew Lloyd Webber production or something like that. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens, whether it's actually decent or a farce. It's certainly something to think about. How would YOU translate the Bruce Lee story into a Broadway musical?

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