Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Drew is officially a Tiny Tiger now. ROAR! and HOORAY!

I took Drew for a class today in the Tiny Tigers class. It's a mix of kids just a pinch older than him to kids twice his age. They do the basic warmups together, then split the class in half. It's a big group, so I was a little concerned that Drew would goof off too much. I was also concerned because it would be a class where I couldn't do the work with him. If he goofed off, there was nothing I could do really to keep him out of trouble. He was there on his own. Well, he held his own just fine. Very few reminders from the instructors to straighten up or stop being goofy. Some of the older kids were being goofier than him, so I thought he held up pretty well. He had earned enough paper stars to get a fabric one for his uniform, and I had instructed that he could not get it unless he behaved today. Well, obviously, he behaved well enough to earn it! And what was the icing on the cake (no pun intended as it was Ma'am's 40th birthday today) was that Ma'am, when awarding Drew the star, announced that he not only earned it for his 10 paper stars, but also because he did very well for his first Tiny Tigers class that he took on his own, stressing the latter part moreso. You can imagine how proud I was at that point, and how relieved as well! He still has to get the hang of how things are done, but considering it was only his second Tiny Tigers class, I think he did great. Hooray!

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