Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh boy.

I finally caved in and got the basic package for equipment for TKD today. It's $299 for the Black Belt Club level for weapons, protection gear, etc. It's a lot of money, and I asked if I could get stuff online, but since it's not official ATA stuff, if I go to a tournament or whatever, insurance won't cover me if I'm injured for not using approved gear, so I'll go with that. When she said that I didn't have to pay for it all at once, but do it in payments, I finally broke down to do it. So I have my first two sets of weapons, my chest pad, my mouthguard (hate that thing), my sparring gloves, my bag to carry it all in , and my official "Black Belt Club" t-shirt. At least for a little bit, I got a chance to spar, albeit I could do kicks or towards the head since I didn't have headgear or footgear yet (should have that next week). It wasn't bad, but I need work, and I don't feel I'm still ready, but I guess I have to start at some point. Oh, and I got my breaking board, I like that.

So, here it goes-- I really need to be committed now! Yikes!

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