Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's all in the arms for me, I think.

I'm looking over the form again that I'm supposed to be working on, and I think the trick for me will be more figuring out the arms stuff. I was watching the DVD yesterday, and I think that I can easily do this form, especially when I realized, as mentioned yesterday, that it's only got two sections that are different from doing right and left combinations. (If that makes sense.) I was just "walking" through it just now, and I think I can do this. I have to figure out the correct vertical spearhand, which to me looks like a punch but with an open hand, like a knifehand strike, but forwards instead of to the sides. I think having jump kicks is cool, but we'll have to see how my knee holds up. The other day when I kept practicing my first one-step sparring move, Ma'am told me that I didn't have to jump it every time, but I could mark it. Thank YOU!

Oh, I didn't mention that I got my first stripe already for my progression to Yellow belt. The requirement is mastering the Double Knifehand strike (easy), the Vertical Spearhand, and Crescent kicks #1-4 and Jump Front kicks #1-4. I dunno why she gave it to me, since I technically don't know some of this yet, but maybe Ma'am sees in me that they'll probably come easy to me. Who knows.

I'll have to start posting some photos here. I only have stuff of Drew, like his first tournament, and him getting his belts. The last photo I took of him getting his camo belt this week, he made a goofy face, but oh well.

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