Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I learned the "Pizza Delivery Guy" one-step today. It was actually the 3rd one step that I have to learn, but the way they teach it for the kids (I guess including big ones like me), they teach it as the pizza delivery guy one. If I did the footing alone, I was fine, but it took me using the "Bob" dummy to understand and for me to start getting it. Just as I was getting the hang of it, then class was over. So I'm going to have to practice this. If I have this down, then there's a good chance I can get a new stripe on my belt, which would be progress.

Today, it was just Winnie and myself (Winnie being another mom who comes in mostly on Tuesdays, and she's working towards her 2nd degree black belt), and we mostly did stretching stuff before reviewing our forms. I got another few sections, one of them just being the end where I reverse what I do in the beginning, so it's coming along. If I can get it all down relatively soon, as well as the one-steps, then I'll get a few more stripes, and I'll be ready for graduation to my yellow belt. If it involves sparring or weapons, then I'm out of luck for a while. I stink at sparring so far (and told Ma'am how Dr. Albani was so tough on me to spur on the asthma attack), and I haven't learned weapons yet. I think Ma'am forgot and was going to teach me today, but I think she's kinda out of it right now-- just overworked and tired these days, and she apologized for it. I didn't mind-- I'm not in a rush to learn weapons at this point. All in due course, as far as I'm concerned. For all I care, I'll start weapons with my yellow belt, because I don't want to have to crunch to learn a routine or whatever you do with them for the next graduation.

Today was more typical of class. I was really put off by Dr. Albani's tactics, and I didn't exactly say that to Ma'am, but I would have liked to. I can deal with the pressure of having to learn something new fast with having to be shown a few times, but thrown right in with the sparring? I'm sure there's a few things I need to learn first to do it correctly and learn to do it effectively without having to get punched enough times, y'know? I was glad that it was kind of an easy going day, even if I was learning some new stuff in the process.

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