Friday, November 04, 2005

Well, in Drew's TKD class, he learned the 3rd one-step as well. And I misnamed it, as it's "Pizza Dude", not delivery guy. Oh well. At least I have the steps right! The other day during class, it was HUGE, like almost 20 kids, and he got a little out of sorts with overly loud and drawn out "ki-yahs" the kids were yelling. He would hold his ears and almost cry, and not do the work because it bothered him. I can appreciate that. It made me cringe too. Fortunately, Ma'am didn't come down on Drew on that stuff, or get after him because he wasn't doing some of the stuff quite right. It was too big of a class that day, and I think she understood that it was a little overwhelming for Drew, even though he otherwise continued to hold his own. I had asked Ma'am if there was anything that she wanted Drew's developmental pediatrician to know from her standpoint about Drew's development (as we had a yearly checkup the next day), and she said she felt that behaviorally, he has some issues, but they weren't that bad, and most were typical of most 4 year old boys. She also felt that he had great fine motor skills and that when he applied himself, he did very well. That was good to hear. I do think that Drew does enjoy TKD, and being in Tiny Tigers. He has to keep up with the big kids, and overall, all things considered, he does considering he's the youngest in the class usually. Even with some of his reactions and such the other day, some of the mothers were cooing over him, and how cute he was to watch. That made me feel good too. Now, if I could only get Drew to start understanding forms and one-steps and practice them with me, we'd be in good shape!

Oh, and I got my head gear and feet gear, so I'm just missing my shin guards for my sparring equipment. I think unless Ma'am gives me some more direction about sparring, I'm not going to like sparring very much. But if I want to compete, then I have to learn it. And besides, isn't that what learning all the moves is all about?

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