Monday, November 07, 2005

Moving forward, for sure. I got the rest of my form tonight. I think I have just about all of it, or if not, almost all of it. Tonight's class wasn't so big, but Ma'am seemed preoccupied with the black belts, so that was fine for tonight. I'm sure she'll be after me tomorrow in the day class. One of the other moms taking class (mom of two black belts and a purple belt herself) told me that she'll ignore us unless we are doing something truly, terribly off, so that was kind of not so bad to be ignored. I was the lowest rank, and my Monday partner Laura wasn't there, so I had to go it alone, which was fine, it didn't bother me. I did my first board break (or is it plastic break, since I now have my practice board) with my hand tonight. It was the one where you break with your palm. Once I actually got the technique down (I would punch and follow through like a push, instead of punch and pull back quickly), BAM! The board broke. It was cool, and it didn't even hurt. I also had a chance to spar, since the only thing missing with my sparring equipment is my shin guards. So I had a little more of a chance to go at it. I first paired up with the purple belt person (I wish I remembered her name!), and then with "Miss Jodi", a teenager who sometimes teaches Drew's class, and she went easy on me. I told her that I was probably a break for her, as she barely did anything, but I think we were both tired. So tonight's overall session went well. I was hoping that Ma'am was watching enough so that I could get one, perhaps two stripes on my belt, but she wasn't. So hopefully it might happen tomorrow. I've got my form, and I've got my one steps, and I just have to smooth them out now. I'm ready for my yellow belt now.

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