Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Triangle, V-Cross and Sparring. Hopefully I got that second item listed correctly. Other than my form, that's what I was doing today. I still have a problem with my wrists and hands overextending, or over-rotating, or stuff of that ilk, but I have my form and my one steps down, and got my last stripe. Ma'am gave it today in class as I'm really only supposed to get one a class, and she couldn't give me two last night. No matter-- I have my stripes! :-)

So, foregoing board breaking, as Winnie didn't need to do it, and while I would have liked to have done more, I decided to try something else, I got some more lessons with the weapons, namely the numchuks. (If I'm spelling that right, that is.) Elbows up is the key for me, and not only did we review the triangle, I learned the V-Cross, or at least I think that was what it was called. It wasn't hard, but I just have to practice it. That should be interesting with Drew about! I think I will have to practice when he's at school or when he's asleep. But that was cool. I think with some practice, I'll like that.

I also finally got more pointers in the form of drills for sparring. I know I suck at it, but said something that I've been learning with Winnie and others how to even do it, and I feel lost. So today Ma'am finally showed me some stuff, on how to position yourself, etc., and Winnie and I did several drills. Now, at least, I have some basics down, and that counts for a LOT.

I don't have class again until next week, because I am not going to be going to class on Saturday, and both Drew and I decided to forego the Interschool Tournament on Friday. I did want to go, but if Drew didn't, and I have a lot going on with my TBSAH stuff, it didn't make sense. Drew has class tomorrow, and Ma'am again told me he wouldn't move up as fast if he only went once a week, but he's still little, and I think twice a week is too much for a four year old, so she respected that. January is when we re-up, so I think things will be changing for us big time then.

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