Monday, November 28, 2005

Graduation is almost here, and the buzz is in the air at the Princeton ATA. It's next week, and we were all getting our last pointers in for the most part. I have one more class this week, and two next week before graduation hits, so I'll be okay. I had to make a few adjustments on my form, but other than that, I'm good to go. Even got my last stripe for my belt before moving up. Hooray! I think it'll be a little harder next time around, because there's only one other person, whom I don't know, who will be doing the same form as I am. My form buddy, Laura, will be moving up, since she's a level higher than me. I will be doing my next form, which is actually Songham #1 (since I did #2, and doing #3 right now, gotta back track for the cycle). If it's the "white" form, I imagine it'll be easy, I'll have to check the DVD. I also asked Ma'am, out of curiosity, if Drew will continue on the cub track or if he'll be going on the Tigers track. I told her that since he was still little and not 100% focused yet that if she kept him on the Cub track, at least as far as his belts were concerned, that wouldn't bother me, but she informed me that she is making him a Tiger, that he will be getting a white and orange belt. She let me know he's not going to graduate each cycle since he's only going once a week, but I think that's fine. He's only 4 years old, why would I send him to class twice a week? He's too little for that right now. Maybe when he's 6 or 7, but not now. But, I'm glad we are both making progress. As I tucked Drew in tonight and told him that he wasn't getting a green Cubs belt, but rather a white and orange belt and he wouldn't get a new belt at every graduation like he used to because now he's with the big kids, he said it was okay. I told him Ma'am would still give him a reward of some sort, because if you work hard, and you do good work, you can get a reward. He seems to understand that. Onwards and upwards, I guess.

I am also trying to conquer my sidekick when breaking the board. I somehow put some sort of a hop in there that I'm not totally aware that I'm doing. Ma'am catches it every time. I find if I just kick and don't think too much about it, I tend to do better, so that's kinda what I did tonight, except I had to remember not to hop after Ma'am yelled at me about it. I will conquer this break! I like breaking boards, even if it's not my forte'. I don't like sparring. I totally suck at sparring. Fortunately, at this level, I'm not expected to break or spar for graduation. But after the next level, I think I will be expected to do it. I hope if I tell Ma'am that I suck at sparring that she'll give me some more pointers, instead of the people I'm sparring with giving me the pointers. I have quite a ways to go, for sure.

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