Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Double award for Drew today! Drew had his class today, and generally did okay. I think he was distracted at times, and didn't focus at other times, but other times he was able to keep up just fine. I think considering he's the youngest one in the class, he holds his own just fine. He was happy today when he got two "prizes" today. The first one I knew was coming up already, which was that I submitted his parent-teacher conference notes as his "report card", and he got a gold star for good work. The surprise, but I think they were doing it for all the kids today, was that he got another stripe on his belt today, so he felt extra proud. So he was feeling very proud today. I told him that he and I do have to work on the one-steps with him, since I know them and have to know them for graduation anyway myself. Good thing we are working on the same stuff! His graduation form has seemingly disappeared, and he hasn't gotten one. They figured that it was just misplaced or something, which I'm sure it was. I'm hoping that Ma'am will keep him on the Cubs belt track for a while, because he's still goofing off a little, and until he can focus all the time and do the work as requested ALL the time, I don't think he should be on the regular belt track. But that's just me. He can still move up the ranks, just at a different level. Oh well. Maybe that way, I'll have time to catch up to him a little bit! At least he's improving, a little bit by a little bit. He's definitely better than he was when he started, that's for sure. And the fact that he can keep up with the Tiny Tigers is a big deal, especially for me. He's my little Tiger.

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