Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Today was the last TKD class of 2005, and it belonged to Drew. He did pretty well overall today. He was doing his form, and he worked on his cowboy one-step. Some of the warmups were funny, because they involved partner stuff, and he seemed to get along with the boy he was paired up with, and it was a little harder for them, but they were up to the task, and he seemed to enjoy himself. He still seemed to have some noodle problems, as usual, but it wasn't as bad as usual, fortunately. What was funny during the noodle sparring was that he was paired up with a little girl who seemed perfectly fine and sweet. When the kids had to shake hands, Drew did so, but then wiped his hand on his shirt and said "Yuck". There was nothing wrong with the girl's hand. I think he was just being a boy. :-P But I thought it was funny. As usual, Drew jumped around a little, but the more I watch him, I think it's hard for him to stand still. He's having fun, and he's excited to be there. :-) I'm looking forward to TKD in 2006, as I think both of us will progress. I'm thinking that by the time we hit April, when it's been one year since we started our journey together (I didn't start classes until this past September), Drew will hopefully be a full yellow belt, and I'll be a green belt, I think.

Oh, and I found out that Ma'am eliminated the Black Belt Club program, so I'm now in the Masters program by default. Sweet.

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