Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Got another stripe! I finally have down my form where I'm speeding through it, and got a few little nuances fixed, so I'm in good shape, and thus received my new stripe. Just have to think like I'm in a Jackie Chan movie or something while I do it to get those little details. So that's cool. Graduation is just a few weeks away, about 2-3, so I'll be fine. Didn't work on my one-steps, but they are fine too, as they are even easier than the form. I did work on the bahng-mah-EE today. That doesn't come quite as easily. Fortunately as it's freeform, and as Ma'am said, "for fun", you really can't make any mistakes. Still, I want to get the form that she gave me for it down correctly. Until I get the hang of it, it's not natural since I don't know that many moves. It will, I'm sure, since I think part of it is that I have the smooth part of it, meaning the grace of movement from my dancing days, so that helps. I also practiced my side kick break again today. It's coming along. Ma'am says that I've got the technique down that I am hitting the board correctly, but not following through entirely-- that it's more of a pushing of the board than a kick THROUGH the board. But that's getting better.

One thing that was kind of nice was that there was actually three people in class today. Winnie was there, which was not a surprise, but Laura was there. I haven't seen her since right after the holidays. She's working on a different form right now, so obviously we couldn't work together on stuff. But she was doing the same kick as I was, and it was good to see someone who's slightly ahead of me having the same problems. After this next graduation, she and I will be doing the same form again.

Overall a good day. I also signed Drew and I up for the Interschool Tournament on the 4th. This is for me as I want to start to gain points, and for Drew, as a replacement for not being able to participate in graduation. Ma'am thought that was a good idea for him, so that's good. I also picked up info for summer camp for Drew and the tournament in Lincroft in March. I still have to think about the Lincroft one. Ma'am definitely wants people for the big one our school is hosting in July, and I think I'll definitely do that one. I just actually have to practice and get good.

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