Saturday, January 28, 2006

I am an aerobically challenged person. Today, they split the class that Drew and I take into little groups, and played "four corners". At each corner, you had to do something different. Drew and I were in separate groups, but that was fine. In the corners, we had to do nonstop crunches, then jumping jacks, then "mountain climber", then run in place. The last two stations nearly killed me! Then it was the usual stretches and then working on form and one steps. I swear, I wish Drew would focus more. I'm sure he's bored, but he gets distracted too. He was trying to read the bulletin board when doing one steps, and I caught him, but I couldn't do much since he was on one side of the mats, and I was on the extreme other side. Oh well. Then, I had to separate and do board breaking and sparring. Board breaking with my side kick is finally coming along. It's breaking more quickly. I think my board is finally starting to ease up, or else I'm finally getting better at it. So I was happy about that. I actually helped hold for some other people, so that was cool. I sparred one dad, whom I think was hesitant to spar a woman. Then I ended up sparring two little kids, which wasn't that much of a challenge. What was funny was that the purple belt kid, whom I would guess was maybe 8 or 9, was not good at all. Drew could do a better job than him! I had Drew spar me without gear, not that I'd really get him much, but he was going at it, and doing a better job, and he doesn't even have the punches and mouthpiece yet. But I'm waiting, because Drew needs to understand when to control how he's sparring first. I think he needs some time. So, not too bad overall, but I don't get that much out of the kiddie class. I'll do it until I get my camo belt, and then we'll see what happens. Now this Saturday class seems to be getting large, so we might go back to Wednesday again. we'll play it by ear.

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