Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today was spent doing intertournament preparation. I was kinda glad that it was a private lesson-- no Winnie or Laura today. Ma'am felt that we could just fine tune my form and one-steps, and then work more on board breaking and my bahng-mah-ee routine. Found out that there was an inconsistency that was in my form that also affected my board breaking. My side kicks are looking more like round kicks, so I was doing several drills on doing better with my side kick. I also got a quicky primer on how interschool tournaments work. Evidentally, there are three judges. One judges hands, one does feet, and then center judge does overall (which is usually Ma'am). She already said that she's a tough scorer, of which I have no doubt about that-- she doesn't strike me as an easy grader at all. Everyone starts out with a grade of 9.5 as average, and either you have points taken off or added. After doing my form before making some corrections, she felt that I was well above average, which was good to hear. Made a few other tweaks in my one steps, and then it was the drills on the side kicks to work out the kinks of that. Then we worked on my board breaking. It's there, but just not consistent. But it's also getting better, and I have to work on my timing still, and review how I turned my body with my drills. Finished up with the Bahng-mah-ee, and I think I'm getting that. Ma'am says she's leaving some things out as she wants to leave some creativity in there, as part of leadership and growth is learning how to do stuff on your own. Makes sense to me. I think I'll be fine for tournament. I am encouraged that she felt that I was doing better than average overall, and could tweak stuff that were easy tweaks. I guess it'll come down to whom I'm competing against. Ma'am has to figure out the schedule, but I may be competing against a kid, or I might be competing against another adult. I know she's trying to schedule it for times close to our regular class time, so that will be good. Drew will be participating too, and I know he'll be happy to get a red star and a medal for participating. If I do well, I think all I get is the glory and perhaps some points towards ranking. That's it. But hey, you don't know until you try.

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