Saturday, February 04, 2006

It was a shoo-in. Today was the day of the Interschool Tournament. So, since there are so few people who do it, it wasn't crowded like a normal school day on Saturday, which was nice. I had opted to do my competing at the same time as the Tiny Tigers who were the same color belt as me. It didn't bother me. Whether I did it earlier with the adults or at that time, I was in a category unto myself, being the only woman color belt competing. So, I was with 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls, who were all pretty much the same rank as me, all in the 7-9 years of age range. We all had the same things to compete with, except I had a different weapon than they did. I did my bahng-mah-ee (the stick thing) instead of the numchuk thingys which they did, which was fine. Since I was the only adult, I did my stuff by myself, and I usually went first, which was fine. I didn't mind. I had that stuff down better than the kids by a longshot. The kids tried, and they had 1st, 2nd and 3rd (and tied for 3rd) rankings so everyone went home with something. For me, it was funny. I got 3 gold/1st place medals for one-step/sparring, form, and weapons. I actually did pretty well anyway. I think I had scored better in my weapons than the other two, but I'm not complaining. I think it's because I did improvise a little at the end, which is what Ma'am wants, and man, I was swinging that thing that it made swooshing noises, so that showed that I put some force and power into it. :-P In the end, though, of course I was going to get all the medals for my category. Ma'am even mentioned to the parents that I deserved them, as I was the only woman color belt to even bother to come and compete, and I had to go by myself, so that deserved some commendation. All the other women who competed are all black belts. Ma'am also told me later, (because I asked) that she felt that I did better than average, like a 9.7 out of 9.9 (she starts at a 9.5 as average, and either adds or deducts points from there). So that felt good. I feel as if I'm one step closer to getting some ranking in the state for my age group in the color belt category. I was thinking of competing in March, but I don't know if I'll have my new form down by then, so I'll have to talk it over with Ma'am.

Drew also had his interschool tournament a couple hours after mine. It was only 4 other children with him, so between doing half the form and one-step #1 for this level, it went pretty quickly. He did okay. He had the best "ai-yah" at the end, I think! :-) I asked him if he wanted to practice ahead of time, and he didn't want to. I know he's capable, and he can do it, but he won't work at it. That's why I don't really have a problem with him not graduating yet. He's not ready for an orange belt. Not at all. He followed the teacher who was doing it with him fairly well, but some of the kids did some aspects of it better, some not as well. He did...okay. In the end, all the children at his level get something. They get a red star for their uniform to show they competed, and then each got a bronze medal for something. I think Drew got his for having the best highblock moves, something like that. I know last time he got it for best black belt attitude. He behaved well when waiting his turn, which I made a mental note of, which was a big accomplishment in itself. He still had a good black belt attitude. He was proud of himself, at least. He did this instead of graduation, since he's not eligible this time around, so at least he has something. I think he was also proud of my 3 gold medals, even though he wasn't around to see me earn them. I hope Drew is as supportive when I have him and JC come to my graduation in a week and a half.

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