Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It only took 5 kicks (give or take), but I finally broke the board with my foot in less than 10 tries. I hadn't done any foot breaks in a while-- I think it was literally last year, like Christmas time the last time I tried. And today, I had it. A few tweaks, and BOOM! Right through. I was so happy! After the frustration I've been going through lately, it was good to have some success with something, especially something that I haven't done in a while. Winnie was in class today, so it was a semi-private lesson. But we still got a lot done. No sparring, yay. But we did a lot of warmups. I have to make sure that I re-chamber more on some kicks, but that's not a big deal. Easy adjustment. I'm sure my right leg is going to feel it more later, but I'm still working on turning in my feet more when I do my form. That seems to be my biggest problem. I mean, I am turning my feet in more, but my turning my feet to go straight feels like everyone else's turning their feet in, so it feels awkward and hurts because that muscle doesn't want to stretch that way. So, my form is there, my one steps are there, worked on Bahng mahn EE today, got an extra step or two thrown in for the "freestyle", which is more that Ma'am choreographed it for me, since I don't know the first thing to do with that. I'll have to work on that one. Then did the board breaking, and got some success for a change. Ma'am felt that we had a good class today, and said so out loud. I'm thinking, she wouldn't just say that unless she really felt that way, so that's good. AND, I got another stripe for my belt, which was great too. Good day overall, for which I'm glad. I haven't had that in TKD for a little while.

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