Saturday, January 07, 2006

I've got the bruises to prove that I was working on it. Today was the first day back at a big class. Ma'am worked us a little more with sparring. I didn't mind it as much today, I guess, since I didn't have to go up against a teenager again. Today, my "buddy" Laura was back too-- haven't seen her for a while, and I sparred with her. I mentioned to her that I bet Ma'am was doing this coincidentally since I don't like sparring much, and she replied that she didn't think most women liked to spar. So I was glad to think I wasn't alone with that idea. But I think all things considered, I wasn't doing too badly. I guess that's what happens when your 4 year old decides to use you as his personal punching bag without pads, and you just learn to defend yourself and do a couple a little kicks and hits with him. I seem to be doing okay with my form, from what I can see, and the 3rd one step that I had to learn today was pretty easy. I don't remember it at the moment, although I really should study my form and one steps, as graduation is a month away, and I think I need to work on them along with my weapons and sparring more. My problem is trying to get the "fine tuning" in, like keeping my feet parallel most of the time and keeping a wider stance than I'd like.

But the bruises part-- ah, here's the good part. I always like board breaking. I'm not good at that either, but unlike sparring, where it's me against someone else and I don't know what's coming, it's just me against the board, figuratively and literally. Today I was working on that elbow hit again. I was doing a little better insofar as I remembered most of what I had to do, so it wasn't just randomly trying to hit the thing with my shoulders. This time, when I got a lot of tips from the other black belts, it all made sense and it didn't overwhelm me. It was more like reminders since I had a better understanding of what I had to do. I was getting a little frustrated, because I swear I have the stiffest practice board in the school. Of course, it doesn't help that I keep it in the car (in the winter) most of the time. Anyhow, I knew my form was on the right track and yet it still wasn't breaking. So, there I am, getting full rotation of my arm and hips, etc. and my elbow is getting all bruised up in the meantime. Leave it to Ma'am to fix the problem. While I was getting better with my technique, the board was being held too low. Once it was brought up higher, BAM. There is was. Figures! So, I feel like I'm getting this one much faster than the foot one. Go figure that, since I am usually more confident with my kicks than punches.

Drew's first class back from break on Wednesday was pretty much the usual. He behaved overall, but was jumpy and happy and excited most of the time that he wasn't always paying attention or focused consistently. But he did the drills and he kept up. I think as time goes on, he'll improve and find that focusing gets him farther. He likes being with older kids than the smaller ones, or the kids more his age, and so I'm glad that he's with the Tiny Tigers rather than the Bear Cubs now. He couldn't go back-- he'd be bored out of his mind!

I'm starting to seriously think about attending some tournaments. I've been a little nervous about asking Ma'am about it, although I shouldn't be. The worst she can say is no, and she won't do that, but the worst that will happen is that I don't do well, and I don't want to do that. I'll ask her on Tuesday about it, what it involves at my level, since I know what to expect at Drew's level. ;-)

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