Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A new year, and new skills too! I was really happy to get back to TKD today. I told Ma'am about the Pizza Dude incident after the New Year's Eve party, and she thought it was cute too. Today we did a lot of stretching, and I got the last part of my form, which I just have to practice. It wasn't hard, but I have to get the kinks out of it, such as making sure my feet are both always pointing forward at the right time. I also got a new weapons move with the numchuks. It's essentially a figure eight then tucked under your arm. Easier said than done, especially with my left hand. I also practiced my new hand board break, and was getting the pointers from Ma'am. Last time I tried, I was getting bombarded by black belts saying, "do this, do that". She broke it down for me, and I got the main hang of it. I have to remember to hang onto my jacket for arm placement for my hitting arm, keep my arm level, and follow through with the hip twist/thrust when making the arm strike. As anyone reading this knows, Tuesdays are my favorite classes, as there's more one-on-one, and Winnie was there recounting her holidays, and so was I, and Ma'am, and it's just a more pleasant class. I was surprised that Winnie said something to the effect that she was surprised that I was doing weapons and board breaking at my level, but heck, I'm not. She wasn't ready to do any sparring due to an injury she is just starting to recover from, and I commented that I'm no good at it so I'm just as happy not to be doing it. But Ma'am reminded me that if I am going to compete, then I need to do it, and I will only get better if I practice. I still don't like sparring though. Oh well. Just happy to be back! Gotta work on my form and my numchuks. Ma'am said that if I can handle this figure eight thing, then we'll take the 4 moves I've learned and make a combination/routine with them. I just practiced all the moves, and I have the general idea of what to do. The figure 8s are still a little hard, but I'll get it in time with more practice. I think the trick for me is figuring out not only the moves, but how to do the moves without bopping myself in the head! (Good thing they are made of foam!)

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