Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Well, at least he figured this one out correctly. Drew was goofing off, as usual, in class today. In a sense, I don't blame him. While the class was a little smaller than usual, Nikki couldn't control the half of the class that she was in charge of, namely 9 kids, by herself. She wasn't moving things along, and so Drew would be going all over the place, and jumping around, and sitting, and other things to show he wasn't paying full attention. He was the only one in his group, that I could tell, that didn't get a paper star today. He didn't get any last week either. He doesn't seem to care as well.

While he did get a stripe on his belt today, which he was happy about, he told me on the way home that he didn't want to be in the Wednesday class anymore. I've been trying to talk him out of it for weeks, and I think it finally got through to him. I've told him that if he and I took the same class together it'd be more fun. In my mind, it also would mean that I could keep closer tabs on him and keep him in line better. So I have no problem than that. Like I said, I'm glad he figured this one out. I think he's getting bored in there, and if I'm in the same class with him, and it's not as big (or even if it is bigger), then I can make it more of a challenge for him. I told him that together, we can work as a team. He seemed agreeable to that. I wish he was more agreeable on other things!

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