Wednesday, March 01, 2006

OK, I finally broke down and got Drew his punches and mouthpiece. Granted, they didn't have any gloves his size, so they are ordering them. They should arrive next week. In the meantime, they let him have a pair of small adult ones. You should have seen how happy he was. He didn't know that he was getting them today. I originally told him that I'd see how much they were, and he would get them next week if he was good today. The price for everything wasn't as bad as I thought, so I thought I'd give them to him today. He was VERY excited, as you can guess. Actually, he behaved better than he did last week-- not as jumpy, although he didn't always pay attention. I think he likes it better when Miss Chunko or Mr. Anderson teaches instead of Miss Nikki. When I asked him later whom he liked better as a teacher, to my surprise he said he liked Miss Chunko better. I thought he'd gravitate towards a guy moreso, but I guess not. Mr. Anderson is good, but I think Miss Chunko IS just a pinch better with the little kids. Drew had his first sparring session today, and he did great. He's a natural. I think this will keep him happy for a while.

On the other hand, I had class tonight as well. I was happy that Laura was there, because otherwise it was a class all of kids! She and I were feeling a little lazy tonight, so we got the next part of our form, which was pretty easy. It's just a matter of adding the extra steps, and minding our positional orientation as we do them. That wasn't so bad. I actually have to practice it so it looks easy and smooth. But now, at least, I have 18 of the 44 moves to this form, so just less than halfway there! :-) Weapons was easy tonight. Mr. Uhl, who's a new leadership black belt student (he's an adult, not a kid), went over the striking lines for the bahng-mah-ee, which I have to say I'm an old pro at this part so far. Laura didn't know it, nor the two kids who were with us. So I got to demonstrate! I do have to learn to get some more flexibility in my wrists, which I think will take some time. But so far, weapons has been easy this time around. Sparring is still bleah. Sparred with Laura at first, and we fought like sissies because we really didn't feel like doing it. We tried to not switch partners, but were made to anyway after the first round. I found with a little kid named Andrew who only had his punches and mouthpiece, so that was fine and easy going for me. Whew! Oh, and I forgot about board breaking. I dunno, it just wasn't in me tonight. I tried doing my side kick, but somehow I didn't feel confident in the people who were holding the board and I hadn't done the side kick for a while, so I was out of it. I guess I have so much more implicit trust in Ma'am-- and a few of the other instructors, that it was hard to do it with the two people I was working with tonight.

I miss Ma'am and those Tuesday classes still! I really felt like I did so much better with her instruction, as she is just really that good. Hopefully she'll be around soon. :-(

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