Saturday, March 04, 2006

Knock on wood. Or rather, break through wood. I'm frustrated at myself. I don't know what's wrong with me. Squeezed in a class yesterday (didn't write until now as I was that busy), and the geek sisters were there, and one little kid who was a red belt trying to show off (he couldn't have been more than 9-11 years old), and one other teenager who was a brown belt. We had to work on the form, and I was already ahead as I had already learned it, but the problem was that part of it I was twisted in the wrong direction. I'll get the adjustments next week, no big whoop. Warmup I got to work with Winnie, which is always good since she and I get along so well and work well together. I even held my own not so badly with sparring, and I have the creative down pat for the bahng mah ee weapon. It's board breaking. Each week, we switch off between hand and foot, and this week was foot. I still don't quite have the confidence there. I made sure that when it was board breaking time, I went with Mr. Anderson, because I do trust him. I was getting frustrated, as again, I was not breaking the board, and yet, I wasn't that off with my form. He pulled out a piece of real wood instead of the plastic board, and BAM, no problem. I have no issues breaking real wood. The plastic board is actually harder because it forces you to be more accurate and you have to use more force as well as accuracy. A wood board is a piece of cake. But to only do wood is like taking a step down, so I'm frustrated. I might try the elbow thing with wood next time, if it's allowed. I don't know why I'm suddenly way off with the board breaks. I feel like I was making progress, and now I'm regressing. Perhaps I need to try some other breaking techniques? I dunno. I'll ask someone on Monday about it, provided I can make it to class on Monday. JC is away Tuesday through Thursday on a business trip, so getting to class is going to be difficult if I try during the week. I need to make up a lot of classes.

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