Thursday, April 20, 2006

Heavyweight uniforms and big workouts in the heat do not mix. That's just so you know. Tonight was pretty good. The class was small, and I was not only the only female, but the only adult. And two of the kids were Downs kids too, but that's fine. And oddly enough (or maybe not so oddly,) both of them wanted to partner up with me, especially for sparring! They are cute kids, but then again, they are teenagers, so they aren't so little. We really got a workout for sure. I was wheezing and having my asthma attacks and everything. The knees held up, so that's good. The weather was rather warm today, and so the school was rather hot, and the A/C wasn't put on for some reason. I saw on the thermostat that the temp inside was 79 degrees. Bleeh! And to be sparring and working out, I was dripping wet. I finally asked permission to take off my uniform jacket before I passed out, and was told that it was okay, as long as I had a t-shirt underneath, which I had a tank tee on. Sweet relief. At the end of class, I was given/awarded my instructor trainee uniform. Hooray! It's a heavyweight uniform, and while it might work better when doing forms and such, it's definitely hotter material than the lightweight one, so I would've died had I worn that tonight. I'm gonna have to double check when t-shirt days are. I know Friday and Saturday are t-shirt days, but I'm not sure about Thursdays. I think it is, so that's something I can try to fix in the future. But I'm really happy to have gotten my uniform. I'll have to take a photo of it-- it has my name on the back and everything, which is extra sweet-cool.

I also talked to Ma'am before class, and told her what I had been thinking with scheduling, etc. She was in a better position tonight, and I think she appreciated what I had to say, and assured me that I WILL be put to use to help get ready for the big regional tournament that we host this summer. So that's cool. Also got my forms for the tournament this Saturday. It should be quite interesting, for sure! I will be practicing my forms as much as I can between all the crazy errands that I have to do in the next day, but I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be. :-S We'll see! At least I'll get to debut my spanking new uniform with my name on it. ;-)

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