Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Survived my first instructor class. I wasn't able to make it to my regular class for my own form due to car issues with JC, but I was able to make it to the instructor class, at least. As I mentioned, it was my first one. I, as usual, am the one who is at the bottom of the barrel, not only in rank, but being the newbie in the group. All of them have been doing this for a while, and there is testing that is done on being an instructor. We all got sheets tonight about what they score on, and while it doesn't look unreasonable, it's a little overwhelming. I think Ma'am sensed that, but she said that I was coming in 4 weeks before testing, so just to go with the flow for now, which was fine. We practiced Songham #3's one steps tonight. I just did those very one-steps two cycles ago, so it didn't take long for me to pick it up again. It included the jump kick and the "pizza dude" moves. What was new for me was doing the attack moves as well as the defense moves. That was new. For now, I'm fortunate that I only have to learn Songham #1, #2, and #3, which means white, orange and yellow belts stuff, which I just completed not long ago. And Drew is still working on that stuff, so I'll always have him as a refresher, at least for now. Anyhow, I worked with Mrs. Dr. Phillips (vs. Mr. Dr. Phillips), and for once I had someone who was almost as tall as me to work with, so that made it a little easier. She was helpful as my mind is just mush tonight (other stuff) that it was difficult to concentrate, and she was patient with me, thankfully. It was definitely interesting looking at things from a different perspective. Part of me was like, eesh, what'd I get myself into? And part of me was, "OK, c'mon, you are up to the challenge of doing this. You would be great with kids as well as adults teaching them. You can do this." So, time will tell, as I just have to perservere. After class, Ma'am was working to get scheduling in with these instructors and instructor wannabes (like me). Part of the problem is what I stated before, too low in rank and instructor training to do anything quite yet to truly help out. I am going to be helping out with a Special Abilities class assisting Mr. Anderson on 4/29, so that will be good. I just felt bad about Ma'am. The kids she works with are good kids, but sometimes I think they are too caught up in themselves to take their responsibility seriously. But I have to keep quiet, I guess. I would help more if I could, but I'm not trained yet. I could just see the tension in Ma'am's face, and I just felt so bad with her. She kept saying out loud to herself, "I can't do it all, I can't do it all," as if to remind herself to stop trying to do it all. I really do want to help, and I'll talk to her tomorrow and tell her I'll help where I can, and hopefully she'll take me up on the offer, and at least appreciate the sentiment.

Drew also had his first class back since Spring Break. He was rather excited today to go, and actually looked forward to going, which was a surprise. He was generally okay. I spent most of the time chit-chatting with Joshua's mom, but when I was watching, he was definitely trying to participate, and calling out things (appropriately) more often. But then there was also the usual extra steps and "wiggles" as Mr. Anderson calls them, and that got in the way sometimes, but otherwise, he did fine, and he was happy and excited during and after class. I'm glad he's starting to like TKD more and more. He keeps asking for his kicks. He'll get them, when I make some more money. He might get them in time for his birthday, we'll see. But I was glad to see how happy class made him, even when he was corrected. He's made some progress, and it shows. Even Joshua's mother commented that she noticed that he didn't act up as much and didn't have to be reprimanded or that he didn't start crying at the drop of a hat anymore. Joshua and Drew are the wigglers and antsy pants ones in the class, which would explain why they get along well, and both have difficulties focusing. But hey, Joshua just turned 5 a few months ago, and Drew isn't quite 5 yet, and they have made progress, so I guess you just take it one step at a time with them.

I'll go back to class tomorrow night, start learning my new form, and then I'll be getting ready for tournament for Saturday mentally and practice when I can before then. (Deep breath.) So much to do in the next few days.

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