Thursday, April 27, 2006

How much caffeine did she have?

No, not me. Miss Chunko. She is currently practicing what she has to do for her testing to upgrade her instructor status. Yesterday during class, she got most of the points that she needed to do out of habit, but there were a few that she had to brush up on. Well, today, she was teaching class, and well, you would have thought that this generally perky 18 year old gal had drank about 15 cappuccinos. She was going a little crazy. Part of it is that she was trying to make sure that she was keeping the energy levels up, and that we kept moving. Nothing wrong with that, but it was 7 PM, after a long day, and I'm not exactly in tip top shape, overweight, asthmatic and have bad knees (the back is better, thank you). So, 'nuff said. I just was ready to keel over and I couldn't keep up. I got through the exercises/drills with a little bit of trouble, but overall kept up. We finally went over the form. I knew next to nothing of it, so I was cramming in about 2/3rds of what we need to know so far for it in one night. Yikes. I think I have it, but thank God I have two guides to refer to to help me review it, since I was crash coursing so much of it. Generally is was easier than the form I just did, but it's still new, and I really have to work on perfecting the moves. Yes, I know, I have to get them down first, but I need to make this new form good too, as this is the one I most likely will be competing with in June, unless I get the next one down really fast. We'll see. Sparring went fine-- up against Michael who is a Downs kid, and he and I have fun doing it. And then Sharon, and Sharon was more exhausted than me, so we went through the motions, so that helped. But board breaking. Man, that was easy tonight. I decided that I would try something different, as I was a little afraid to try the side kick, since I have too many reservations about doing it. I dunno, it's been a while. So, I did a front kick. BAM! Got it on the first try. Sharon was amazed. She is having a hard time with the front kick, and can do the side kick with no problem, and yet I'm the opposite. No problem, to each their own. But at least I found some success with that. Oh yeah. BAM on the first try. So at least I have a basic foot board break that I don't even have to think about.

So tonight's class was good, but it got a little goofy with Miss Chunko going a little overly gung ho. Got some good giggles as well as one heckuva workout, for sure.

I had emailed Ma'am with the tournament forms stuff this afternoon, and she only made one tweak, which was that the charities had changed, so that's easy to fix. I guess starting tomorrow, starting by hitting up the chiropractor, I'm in the business of getting ads for this program and raising some funds. Wa-hoo.

Drew and I also have the interschool tournament tomorrow, so I think after the regional, this will be a cinch. I still have to do well, of course, but it's in front of Ma'am, so it'll be easier.

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