Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lazy Night

A few things going on.

First, it looks like it's official now. I'm officially ranked #3 in NJ in weapons for women's color belts aged 30-39. Go me.

Second, I think Drew's only going to have one more class before taking his summer break. Graduation is the first full week of June, and since he's not graduating to the next half rank (or full rank for that matter) anyway, it doesn't seem worth paying for the month of June when he'll miss most of it. So next Wednesday is his last class until September. He did better today. Still a bit of a clown, but no "timeouts" today. He did much better. Although he did try to bop a kid in the face during sparring, and Mr. A caught it and said, "BREAK!" to prevent everyone from going too far. I think it's a good thing that I'm putting off the kicks and other sparring gear and weapons until September. He'll just start everything up again when he starts Kindergarten. He still gets to go to the ATA picnic and Movie Night, and he still will be allowed to be in the Tournament in July, so that helps.

Third, I had something related yet unrelated happen. I lost my change purse/wallet after Drew's class, which I wasn't happy about. You can read about it on my other journal-- Not happy about that.

But finally class-- it was small since it's getting towards the end of the year with exams and such, and Memorial Day weekend approaching fast. I got to class a little early due to looking for the wallet, and spent a while out back behind the school trying to contact the credit/debit card companies to issue new cards immediately. I think some in the class, particularly the teenagers, where wondering why I wasn't in class with them, but I had a more important thing to deal with. And besides, I wasn't intending to be in that class anyway. I was going to go home and change and be at Leadership class anyway. Good thing I had my leadership uniform in my bag already, so I just had to change.

Class was rather uneventful, since Ma'am wasn't there. But that's okay. We got to practice our forms some more, and I got my square block directional problem fixed once and for all. Mr. A is the tops quite often. Alex V. helped too, as he's got it down pat, and he was very kind and complimentary (for a kid) to say he's seen improvement in how I'm doing it, so that was nice of him. Good kid. Did a warm up exercise with Mr. Dr. Phillips, and that went okay. He's a lot older than I am, but patient. Sparred his son Ben, one of the few 3rd degrees at our school, who also took it easy on me. Nina is funny, as she and I sparred first. She's a petite little teenager, but she knows that if she's feeling tired, I'm not going to make her work, so she said, "I'll go with you, Mrs. Villegas." Hahahaha. No problem. The kids are getting to know me well! :-P Board breaking was a cinch. It was review week, and I don't have to break for rank yet, so it was optional. Since I have the front kick down without thinking, I just did that so I could say that I did it. I also worked on my ssang-jeh-bang, and Mr. A helped me get a kink out of that horizontal 360 move. He said that it's actually a black belt required move, so that's fine, and since the vertical wasn't required until black belt level as well, he said not to worry about learning it now. OK, no argument from me!

So, it was a bit of a lazy night. It's not that I didn't work during class, just not as much. I just want to get through this week and next week, and get through graduation, and earn that purple belt! After being the green color family for 2 cycles now (camo and green), I need a color change! So many people are brown belts right now, and I want to catch up. I will, in time, I'm not in that much of a rush. At least I'm doing things as well as I can, and learning to do them correctly, which has to account for something. I think by graduation, I'll be able to get that form down perfectly, and it will be so much easier when I have to do it later.

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