Thursday, May 18, 2006

I must be out of favor right now.

Ma'am often says if she's not joking with you or making fun of you at some point, that you are probably on her hit list. I think I am, but I don't know why. I don't think I've been TOO annoying or anything. If anything, I've backed off. I'm kinda keeping to myself with her. I dunno. I sent an email asking about how the point system worked, as I didn't understand why both the points from the regional AND the interschool counted, but the points from the interschool alone didn't count in the ranking. I got a short email answer, but it didn't make sense. She said she'd explain it more in detail to me when I came in, and she saw me there tonight, but never beckoned me over to her office or anything. Then again, I didn't go over to her office either. I'm feeling a little intimidated these days, since I feel like she really doesn't like me right now, and I don't know why.

Anyway, so tonight we had class with Michelle Zimmerman. I'd say "Miss Zimmerman", but her little sister Jodi also is an instructor, so I'll just call her by her first name here. It was a fairly easy going class, and nice and SMALL. It was the two boys with Downs, Matthew and Mike, who both always want to partner up with me on exercises and sparring, and they did. After doing some floor stuff and group stuff, we actually got to do sparring first. Matthew and Mike each had a turn with me, and then Michelle took a turn with me too, which was fine. I couldn't go too crazy as she didn't have gear on, and she was tired, and so was I. Next, we worked on forms. I think I have the problem with the square block direction figured out now, but I still have to work on it some more. With board breaking, I did my side kick one with my right foot, after the success with my left last night, and it was the least amount of tries until the break with my right foot yet. So I was happy about that. We bowed out, but them worked on weapons a bit, and Em was helping me with some pointers about hand placement on the ssang-je-bang. We have freestyle for now, but I want to come up with something if I can that looks pretty good. I'm getting better at that horizontal 360 move, but still have to work on the vertical some more.

So, a somewhat uneventful class other than doing sparring first, which I liked. I think for a while, I'm just going to keep a low profile.


FrogMan said...

I know very little about TKD, other than TKD people being very good at sparring after seeing some go at it against my son in competition, but I'll be reading your blog from now on.

You remind me of myself, a 30-39 person learning a martial art with a kiddo, amidst a see of youngsters :)

Take care,
Steve aka FrogMan (or FM)

Windsornot said...

Hey FM-- Nice to meet you! Nice to know I have some company. It's ironic, but actually my kid does a lot less than me right now, simply because he's young (he'll be 5 in two weeks) and he has learning disabilities that include problems with focus and distractability. It took him a year to move up from Cubs level to Orange belt in Tiny Tigers. He'll be fine. Right now, I don't know if I'll be. :-S

FrogMan said...

you're too hard on yourself. One day at a time and you'll ge there. :)

My son started when he was 2 months shy of turning 5 and it was kind of rough for almost 2 to 3 years after that. He really came of age this year as he turned 9, so see it as a long term project. :)


John Vesia said...

Instructors are temperamental like everyone else; don't worry about it.